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nephritis and hypertension


Tj    0

Can anyone tell me if they have been either awarded disability compensation for nephrosclerosis or hypertension. I'm in need if help with a pending claim I have. Thanks in advance any help will be greatly appreciated.

God bless 

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Berta    2,807

I briefly did some research on nephrosclerosis and hypertension and this condition can develop over a period of years.

There was an issue that another new enlistee 's

 records got mixed up with yours, from what I gathered in the downloads, so I am wondering what happened to your actual enlistment records.

A Urine test ,as part of the entrance physical) would have revealed this this problem I am sure as well as some of the blood work they do for kidney function testing and any mix up of enlistment physicals by the military  would be one way to appeal ...in my opinion, yet had the Military known of this problem sooner, they would not have enlisted you, and they did not seem to aggravate the disability, from what I can see, as they released you from the military due to it, shortly after they discovered it.

This will take a good lawyer's help, in my opinion.

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