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Washington ordered veterans affairsto pay 9 years compensation instead of 6

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In 2003 my claim was being reviewed by the board in Washington DC, they requested my medical records from the  Cleveland Rating Officer, at that time. Yet the RO choice to deny my claim for six more years making it all the way delayed until 2012. The RO then returned my files back to Washington who got in their case saying they had no right to delay or deny my claim and ordered them to pay my claim from April 2003 to Nov 2012. Well three months ago I was applying for medicare and needed to bring my reward letter from VA, while waiting to see a representative for medicare I read over the payment entitlement letter and low and be hold there in black in white, it shows a gap as follows paid Apr to dec 2003 to 2008 then 2009 through 2010 is missing and it jumps down to Dec 2011 to 2012. Therefore the auditor took it on themselvs to only pay for six years not the 9 years ordered by Washington. So I put in a new claim March 2016 requesting an audit for this award. Several times In the past months I am getting the run around as to the outcome of this claim. I am told it takes 60 days for a reply,well it is now June 16, 2016 well over 60 days. It took me 12 years to get my increase and tital dusability will it take another 12 for this audit to be reviewed? The Ohio Veterans Affairs is off the hook they have their own set of rules and regulations regardless to orders send down from a higher authorized office. Its about doing right by all Veterans not aware that they are not being compensated fairly. In 1999 there us a congressional order that each veteran be compensated from the time of their entering into the military as a whole physical being. To be paid fir injuries both physical as well as mental for which congress has since cut down to a few years  because the average disabled veteran would be a millionaire if paid back to the time of original injury. The letter I am refering to is call "The supplemental agrument" dated 1999 so therefore those disabled are not being made whole monetary but thrown crumbs and treated without destiny and respect. I will post a copy fir each veteran ti review and ask congress why they fail to honor a Suoreme Court order?

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Trying to include supplement letter cant find it
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I think if this was me, I would take a copy of ALL of my evidence to an attorney and run it by them. I'm not sure if a VSO would really be helpful in your particular case.

Good luck as it sounds like you might have a few bucks coming your way.


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