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  1. Mine was originally claimed as “hypertension 0% Service Connected 07/18/2012” and then as “nephropathy with hypertension (also claimed as kidney disease condition, kidney disorder) (formerly DC 7101) 60% Service Connected 08/17/2014”
  2. I don't check it as much now either, but a couple of months ago I also was having problems with the logon. It was taking me 3 or 4 tries before I could get on. When I checked it now, just a couple of minutes ago, they seemed to have that problem fixed and I got on first try. I'm sure there will be more problems with it later, but life will go on and I'll deal with it. OSC
  3. My dependents claim was filed last year in October 2015 to add my new wife...and it was finally closed just a few days ago. I really wish that the "General" was still working at the VA. OSC
  4. I would just ask the person you received that verbal approval from for the LOA. When I was hospitalized last time in the Philippines. the LOA was of course issued by the VA in Manila. Since you are in a country without a VAMC/VARO and dealing directly with the FMP side of the house, you probably should direct your request when you ask for their coverage. When I checked out of the hospital there was a split bill waiting for me which needed to be paid before they would allow me to leave. I paid for my NON-Service Connected portion of the bill in cash and the VA had authorized direct b
  5. Congrats on getting your claim taken care of. You are right in your statement of "renewed faith", I am glad that the VA paid instead of doing their normal foot drag. Other Vets reading this should also be happy that the system actually did work for you and not give up on their particular type of claim...again Congrats. LOA is Letter of Authorization which is the VA's permission (but as you stated above, the LOA was never issued). Don't party too much with the Baht you will get, causing any more heart problems...lol. OSC
  6. You have a copy of the LOA listing what was being covered and the amounts that were authorized for payment don't you?? OSC
  7. WHAT????? Only TWICE a day???? When I was waiting for my claim to finish, I was checking TWICE an hour.... And then finally, on one of those checkings you do , there will be a change to your account and your stomach will feel like it did as a kid on Christmas Day. You will then panic and start mashing buttons on your keyboard so you can see what they are saying. We have all been there, waiting and suffering from the eBenefits affliction....this I'm sorry to say is the norm, but in the end, worth the wait. Good luck with your claim. OSC
  8. Well if and when they pay, then they will pay... The most important think is that it appears that the surgery was successful and you are on the road to recovery. Get well soon. OSC
  9. I am not so sure, I would be messing around with a FDC as I would not want to chance having it convert to a standard claim. I did find this one reference http://www.benefits.va.gov/fdc/walkthrough.asp and scroll down to the verification section where you are certifying that you are sending in no additional evidence. Now whether the VA will consider sending in any evidence, even for a new claim as grounds for conversion, I'm not sure. But knowing the VA, I would not want to take that chance. OSC
  10. Yep…that’s normal eBenefits and the standard response they give the thousands of other Vets when they call requesting information. We have all been through the same thing as you. So all you can do is relax as NOTHING you do will make it go any faster. All you will do is frustrate yourself even more. You are lucky…At least you can see that someone is actually DOING something with your claim. As others have said in the past, get a hobby like knitting or underwater bowling; something that takes your mind off the snail pace movement of your claim; as it will be done when it is done.
  11. I think if this was me, I would take a copy of ALL of my evidence to an attorney and run it by them. I'm not sure if a VSO would really be helpful in your particular case. Good luck as it sounds like you might have a few bucks coming your way. OSC
  12. 11c,

    I wanted to go off board for your Philippines questions as they are not related to the VA and maybe piss off someone off.

    Go ahead and PM me with any of your questions and I'll see if I can help you out.


    1. Buck52


      well if it involves your sc compensation  it is related to VA Questions...SSDI you need to check with them or someone that knows? someone on hadit could very well know?



    2. OSC


      Thanks Buck..

      What happened is that I hit the wrong button while PMing the guy who was asking me about the Philippines.

      I figured that there was a better place to talk about this guy's travel plans.

      Sorry to drag you into this any further.

      John (OSC)

  13. 11cvolley, Thanks to the questioning by TexasMarine, I can make a couple of recommendations to you. I have lived in the Philippines for the past year and half and can say that for the most part I have enjoyed myself and am very happy I made the decision to retire here. My VA Compensation more than covers everything along with my Social Security. My wife and I live in a western style apartment with rent at about $850 (including electric) per month. This is considered a very high lifestyle and comes at a lot higher price than what else is available. Rents depending upon how you wa
  14. I have a great relationship with my doctor's STAFF and if there is something I want to make sure to "add for the record", I will tell them also about that issue. Letting more ears know what is going on has always been good for me and I think they do most of the work anyway. OSC
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