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Old Claims were reopened as New Claims with Current Claim

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In Oct 2015 I filed a claim with the VA for PTSD-MST, MDD w/psychosis, psychogenic seizures, anxiety & IU. In 2006 upon discharge from the military I filed claims for several things to include PTSD  but not  as MST. In 2011 I filed a claim for several things but not PTSD nor any of the psychological issues. I had C&P exams for all of my claims. I was service connected with a couple of my claims in 2006 but received 0% for them. For my 2011 claim I was awarded 50% disability for 4 of my claims and received bac pay as well. My current claim was filed as a FDC. Recently, they added all of my old claims to my current claim and classified them as new except for the PTSD-MST & MDD. Therefore, it looks as if these are all new claims that were filed at the same time as my current claim with the same date of Oct 2015 as the effective date of the claims (to include those which were filed in 2006 that were considered both sc and not and 2011 which were sc and given a percentage). So, now it looks as if all of my claims are on a clean slate except for the PTSD-MST & MDD. Can anyone explain why this would be? Also, I know there is always a possibility for a C&P exam, but will the claim filed in 2011 that was awarded be considered less than five years since it was filed in 2011 but awarded in 2013? I know that there is a five year consideration in which a disabled vet can be considered for re-evaluation under the five year mark with a C&P exam. Could it be that they are considering the previous claims as new and are evaluating them again for possible poor judgement on the prior evaluation or for my individual unemployability? I do currently receive SSDI for everything I claimed in Oct 2015. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read my post and/ or has an opinion on it.

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Im having some trouble understanding your question.  It sounds like you want to know the effective date if your "new" claims are awarded.  

I agree with you if you apply, then VA does not give a decision, then you apply again, you should get the later of the FIRST date you applied or the date the doc said you were injured.  (facts found).  

Did you appeal the 2011 decision?  If you did not, it became final, and you can not appeal it now, unles you allege CUE errors.  

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Thank you so much broncovet for your response. I
know that my question is somewhat confusing. I did not appeal any of the decisions. I only reopened in Oct 2015 the PTSD and MDD claims. The others were already closed and decisions made.

It seems now that the VA is reopening every claim I have made and is re-evaluating them. I received a notice today on ebennies requesting for a VA 21-4142 for all medical sources listed on VA 21-4142A. I am now assuming they are trying to get more information concerning my current treatment to get a much clearer picture of the state of my health.

Still, I do not understand why they would be interested in claims in which I am not receiving any benefits for. Its all confusing to me. I will call the VA and possibly they can give me some type of answer to at least pacify me. Perhaps you can elaborate on this theory. Again, thank you very much.


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