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Claim for Pituitary Adenoma, do I have enough evidence?

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Broken Airman


I apologize in advance if this is too long and/or includes too much TMI, but I am going around in circles at the moment and need a redirect from some of the knowledgeable folks here. I plan to meet with a reputable VSO in my area, but it will take several weeks to get an appointment and I am hoping to be pretty prepared when I do meet him.

I was discharged January 1998 and had filed my initial VA claim a few months prior. The rep assisting me went through my STRs page by page and claimed anything i had been seen a few times about, most of which was denied SC. I felt that, for the most part, my determination was fair and did not appeal. About a year later (after months of increasing symptoms culminating in almost complete blindness) I was diagnosed with Pseudotumor Cerebri (now known as Intercrainial Hypertension) by a civilian Neurologist. In the course of treating the IH, I was referred to an Endocrinologist to investigate an anomaly on an MRI they had ordered. 

The Endocrinologist, after discussing my medical history, viewing the MRI and performing tests, diagnosed me with a Prolactinoma. Not long after, I lost my private insurance and began being seen at the VA, where they confirmed the diagnoses and took over treatments. The IH resolved within 6 months, but my vision remained damaged and has only worsened over the years. I attempted treatment for the Prolactinoma several times, but have never been able to tolerate the meds and side effects for long and have largely remained untreated for the last 18 years.

Okay, so finally to my current situation. I am planning to file in order to establish service connection for the prolactinoma with residuals of headaches, depression and anxiety and vision loss. I have a few documents from my STRs; labs and treatment notes from my OB/Gyn stating my complaints (Amenorrhea, bilateral galactorrhea, headaches, fatigue, loss of libido, depression) for which she ordered a Prolactin level and found it to be high, but the outcome was a "wait and see" if it resolved itself in 6 months since I was "only" 1 year post-partum. I also have the treatment notes from a GP visit from a few months later where I was seen for worsening of the same symptoms as well as unexplained weight gain; they checked my thyroid and tried to refer me to Mental Health (which was the kiss of death back then), which I declined. I ETS'd soon after without ever having been diagnosed. 

I have been treated by the VA since 1999, but the medical records from the 6 months I saw civilian doctors has been long gone for years. Do i have enough evidence to A) establish service connection and B) can a nexus also be shown with this?

Another question, when I filed originally, many of the symptoms of the (as yet undiagnosed) prolactinoma were claimed but denied. Could I request SC be established as the day after I left service based on this, or is that too much of a stretch? I've read a few board decisions where they did allow it because the diagnosis wasn't made until later, but it has been 19 years... 

Again, sorry it is so long; I really did try to condense it down! Thanks in advance for any insights!

Edited by Broken Airman
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  • HadIt.com Elder

Just my opinion,

but you need to file all your claims at once and deal with them as they are  either approved or denied, after your denied comes the appeals process  if your approved for some and they give you a favorable rating  and your ok with it  then  just appeal the others if denied.

You will most likely need a Qualified  Dr's opinion that all your conditions/contentions are likely as not service related or related to your military service  (give his/her opinion on it) After Examining you and reading  your pertain medical records to what your claiming & with the Dr's Credentials but a VA Dr is ok to use too if you can get one to?

''Could I request SC be established as the day after I left service based on this, or is that too much of a stretch?''

yes you can request it....if your denied then you can NOD  (Notice of Disagreement )  as to why you  disagree with their decision (send in your new & material evidence, However if you never appeal a decision & your one year NOD time limit runs out,you can request to reopen this particular claim  and the effective date will start the date its reopened. but you better have some good medical evidence to reopen this claim.

Usually the EED (EARLY EFFECTIVE DATE starts the day you first file for a condition .

sometimes they mess up on this date and give the EED back to when it was  first S.C.  but the date starts when you first file, providing you sent in a NOD within a year of being denied &  kept up your time limits  in the appeals process.

Always keep everything the VA Sends you make copy' of everything, if you use  snail mail to the  VA be sure  and get it certified return receipts.

an increase is different  they go by the date you filed for the increase.

so my point is all veteran should file for their claims all at once, and file for other conditions that they may think is Service/Military Related that come up years after the military. (with credible medical evidence to back you)

Just remember your time limits in the appeals process  because usually you have a year  after your denied and different time limits on other things that you appeal  Like for example a DRO Review or Hearing (DRO) Decision Review Officer)  there's time limits for that  and time limits with the BVA Process .

All Veterans need to watch their own time limits and not  really count on a VSO.  unless of course you have a good one with your interest in mind.


Edited by Buck52

I am not an Attorney or VSO, any advice I provide is not to be construed as legal advice, therefore not to be held out for liable BUCK!!!

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