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Need Your Opinion,

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Guest Jim S.


Guest Jim S.

I'm not sure this is the right forum, since it is both a medical question, C&P maybe, and/or research question.

In my records from when I was a patient for a psychiatric episode, I passed out, apparently while taking a shower, memory getting to this point is gone, caput, gone bye, bye. I was examined and tested with an EEG test twice, once shortly after the incedent, but due to being on psychiatric medication, they removed me long enough to remove the drugs effect as a facter in their findings. It was concluded that the fracture of my nasal bone and subsequate concusion, caused a slow wave form of the frontal lobe to register on the EEG test.

Your opinion is asked, as to whether the VARO thru their Examiner is and/or required to repeat the EEG to "Rebutt or "Confirm" the continuence of the "Frontal Lobe Wave Form", or possibly an MRI to note any possibility of physical findings from the Fractured Nasal Bone and subsequate Concusion?

I know the VARO can mess with the claim any way they want, but is this a fair bone of contention worth the effort to follow, since they have no real physical evidence to support their statement that no residual of a cerebral cuncuccion were noted on your last exam?

The exam they spoke of was a physical like exam done in the Dr's office, their were no battery of written psychiatric test nor any labs or EEG, nothing except what I discussed about my past and current problems and they say, my records. Since my personnel records were not a part of my C-File, how can this be so.

Wouldn't it be necessary to review the Veterans personnel record in determining what type of person the Veteran was during his enlistment prior to his/her occurance for which the Veteran is seeking SC for?

Sorry, I stuck in another bone of contention.

Jim S. :rolleyes:

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There is no way that an 'opinion' should be able to stand against solid medical evidence as shown by EEGs and MRIs. The very least that the VA should do to be able to rebut is new versions of the same evidence that showed the initial diagnosis.

My VBM CD is back ordered too. Maybe you can find the reference when you receive yours. I had a catastrophic hard drive crash when one drive went bad, and trashed the backup too.

I haven't yet rebuilt all my VA references so can't provide all the references you might need. You can however cite the relevant paragraphs in 38 CFR 4.41, 4.42 and 4.124a.

Edited by wallyg

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Erin go Bragh

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I had a complete neuro work up at a private hospital that the VA picked. I had an EEG..slowing left temp lobe. 2 tumors on the MRI and problems with the neuro-psyc testing all done by Neurologist and other MDs. Well then they sent me to the "C&P" general practice doc who said she didn't agree. She just looked at me from across the desk. In her report she said the doctor was not cabable of giving his opinion. This doc was the Chief of Neurology at one of the top 10 hospitals in the country. Needless to say I filed a NOD but it seems that they will do anything they want. And the condtion that caused these problems is already S/C.


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Guest Jim S.

wallyq: Just read some emails and one on them was a note to let me know my VBM CD has shipped, since I requested special handling, I should have it by Friday, Saturday latest.

Depending on where it is being shipped from, I could get it as early as tomarros, oh yea, today, but I doubt the Post Office is that on the ball even though we are at a major air hub for the mail.

I'll look those numbers up as best I can until my CD arrives. thanks

Jim S.

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wally the last time i had a hard drive failure i went out and got a usb external hard drive i then moved my documents to the usb hard drive so if the computer screws up i just have to reload the programs and if i get a different computer i can just plug the usb hard drive in and boom i'm ready to go. i have to get a bigger one soon :rolleyes: perhaps this solution would help you.


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