• VA Disability Compensation

    The Compensation program provides tax-free monthly benefits to Veterans in recognition of the effects of  disabilities  caused  by  diseases,  events,  or injuries incurred or aggravated during active military service. The program also provides monthly payments to surviving spouses, dependent children, and dependent parents in recognition of the economic loss caused by the death of individuals during their military service or as a result of service-connected disability after their discharge.

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  1. General VA Claims Questions & Information

    1. VA Disability Claims and Benefits Research

      VA Disability Claims discussions post your Veterans Administration disability claims questions or answer for others. Read and research other veterans experiences.

    2. Appealing Your VA Disability Claims NOD, DRO, BVA, USCAVC

      Appealing your VA Disability Claims decision usually starts with the Notice of Disagreement (NOD)

    3. Compensation & Pension Exams

      Compensation and Pension Exams -

      Please only posts questions regarding Compensation and Pension Exams

    4. E-Benefits Questions

      Please post your E-Benefits questions in this forum.

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    6. Entitlement - VA Disability Compensation

      Once you know you are eligible for VA Disability Compensation, the question then becomes are you entitled to it by law. This is where to post those questions. it's OK, if you are feeling confused this is not at all unusual it can be a very confusing system. If you were injured in service and have a question about whether you are entitled to file a claim, post it here.

      Law 38C.F.R.3.4 (a) Disability compensation. (1) Basic entitlement for a veteran exists if the veteran is disabled as the result of a personal injury or
      disease (including aggravation of a condition existing prior to service)
      while in active service if the injury or the disease was incurred or
      aggravated in line of duty.

    7. Eligibility - Veterans Disability Compensation

      Questions concerning eligibility for veterans disability compensation. Eligibility - Veterans Disability Compensation,

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    10. Success Stories

      Post your successes and read others, VA success, Social Security success, leaving the house whatever it might be.

      This forum is dedicated to Carla Croft "CarlieCash" a dedicated member, moderator and admin from 2005 - 2015. She gave tirelessly to veterans here and all over the internet. Nothing she loved more than a successful adjudication. She remains in our hearts always.

    11. OEF/OIF Veterans

      Welcome Home Brothers and Sisters - This forum is for our returning troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

      We will guide you as to which forums your questions will get the most eyes on it.

      We want to provide help and guidance for you, if there is something you think would be beneficial for you let us know.

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    14. Veterans Benefits State & Federal

      Post your links and information about state and federal benefits available to disabled veterans.

    15. VA Medical Centers Navigating through it

      To assist the veteran by providing assistance in navigating through the Veterans Affairs Medical centers.

    16. Medication – Prescription Drugs-Health Issues

      Looking for folks who are the same medication as you and what they think of it. Exercise, diet ideas. Remember we are not giving professional advice, and you should consult your doctor regarding any and all health issues you may be concerned with.

    17. VA Training & Fast letters, Directives, Regulations, Other Guidance Documents

      VA Training & Fast letters, Directives, Regulations, Other Guidance Documents

    18. MEB/PEB Physical OR Medical Evaluation Forum   (952 visits to this link)

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  2. VA Claims References

    1. Title 38 / 38 CFR   (18,772 visits to this link)

      Title 38 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief also called 38 CFR. CFR stands for Code of Federal Regulations.

      Everything Veterans Affairs does with your service connected disability compensation claim, is goverened by law. You may want to bookmark this page as a reference as you proceed with your claim.

      It can be a bit daunting. Just remember the U.S.C. is the law, the C.F.R. is how they interpret the law and last but certainly not least is the V.A. adjudication manuals that is how they apply the law. The section of the law that covers the veterans benefits is Title 38 in the U.S.C. in the C.F.R. is usually written 38 C.F.R. or something similar.

    2. 38 CFR 3 Adjudication   (19,464 visits to this link)

      38CFR3 is the part of the Code of Federal Regulations Title 38 that deals with the adjudication of a veterans compensation claim.

    3. 38 CFR 4 Schedule for Rating Disabilities   (35,124 visits to this link)

      This part of Title 38 of the Code of Federal Regulations list specific disabilities and what symptoms or effects equate to what percentage of disability is to be assigned.

  3. Specialized Claims

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    5. ALS - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

      Veterans with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) may receive badly-needed support for themselves and their families after the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced today that ALS will become a presumptively compensable illness for all veterans with 90 days or more of continuously active service in the military.

    6. MST - Military Sexual Trauma

      A good site for these claims is http://www.vetwow.com

      This is a very sensitive issue, triggers abound so be careful. Remember whenever you post something on the internet it is there for everyone to see forever. So be cautious with what you share however if you have a claims question we want to help.

    7. Radiation Exposure from Operation Tomodachi (Japan Earthquake Fukushima Nuclear Assistant)

      Operation Tomodachi, Tomodachi Sakusen?, lit. "Operation Friend(s)") was a United States Armed Forces assistance operation to support Japan in disaster relief following the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. The operation took place from 12 March to 4 May 2011; involved 24,000 U.S. servicemembers, 189 aircraft, and 24 naval ships; and cost $90 million.[1]

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    11. DIC

    12. 767
    13. 1151 Claims

      Claims under 38 U.S.C. § 1151

      Benefits for additional disability or death caused by VA medical care is government by 38 U.S.C. § 1151. Claims under § 1151 are a different species than service-connected disability claims, but they are compensated in a similar manner as service-connected disability claims. To prove a § 1151 claim, a claimant must show that the veteran’s death or his additional disability was caused by negligent VA medical care or by some unforeseeable complication of the VA medical care.

  4. Veterans Helping Veterans Podcast

    1. Veterans Helping Veterans VA Claims Podcast

      Veterans Helping Veterans Podcast: Shows deal with a wide range of Veterans Affairs Claims and Benefits.

      Listen here live and archived show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/haditcom






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    • Here's the results for a search of hadit.com for site:hadit.com "agent orange" + "air force" + "okinawa"
    • Thanks Vync...I will try to find something updated for this vet to use... Then again the older versions of M21-1MR can control appeals for EEDs and CUEs favorably sometimes. In 1995 much of this stuff was not even on the internet. Luckily when I was on Prodigy Vets BBS ( late 80's or early 90s,) one of our members was a former BVA lawyer, helping many vets ...William Smith..and our long term member  Pete 53 here remembers him I am sure I dont know how some of us claimants got anywhere at all with our claims prior to what the internet is today.
    • Here's a direct link to IRS https://iris.custhelp.com/app/ask/session/L3RpbWUvMTQ3NzM5NTM5MC9zaWQvOVlETTQtMW4%3D
    • If I were you I would go to www.va.gov and then click on the Contact Us Section , then  click on Ask a Question...you will be redirected to IRIS where you can ask them what the RO is still waitng for, and maybe it is something you yourself could supply...or something they already should have.. With no SC now, I assume, they probably are seeking your SMRs -or maybe some private treatment records but I dont know... Ask IRIS for an email reply instead of a phone call. They will contact your VARO to clarify what they still need and then email you.
    • If you google Agent Orange Okinawa hadit.com , or Agent Orange Okinawa Berta hadit.com , hopefully the links to some cases I posted here will pop up. This link might help as well.... http://community.hadit.com/topic/48027-agent-orange-kadena-afb-okinawa/ There definitely have been awards of AO due to exposure in Okinawa. Not easy to win but not impossible.  
  • Recent Status Updates

    • Army Veteran 2008  »  Berta

      Were you able to see the CUE statement?
      · 0 replies
    • Army Veteran 2008  »  Berta

      Hello Ma'am,
      In 2010 while I was on active duty training I was hospitalized for a month. For walking-pneumonia, pneumothorax, hemothorax ,decortication and thoracotomy. I had 3 major surgeries in 48 hours, 2 blood transfusion, placed in a chemically induced coma and placed on a ventilator and life support. I spent two weeks in ICU. While recovering I had to re-learn how to eat, talk and walk. I some how turned into a vegetable. With this being the first time I've every had to go to the hospital I was traumatized by the visit. At the time I was 19. Since this was ADT, and not AD a LOD was done and found "NOT IN THE LINE OF DUTY." "NOT DUE TO OWN MISCONDUCT." Because I was receiving treatment before going on active duty. I was doing Honor Guard for deceased veterans. When the funding became available I was placed on an ADT status. 
      6 months after this incident I was deployed to Afghanistan. While there I was always short of breath. I continually coughed of blood and phlegm. I was medevac to a larger base that had better medical equipment to find what was wrong with me. I was diagnosed with bronchitis and given an antibiotic. It felt like I could never breath in enough oxygen. I stayed at a FOB that was in the middle of a village. Every couple of days the would dump human waste in the holes the locals dug and burn it along with other chemicals and material.
      I have been filling for asthma since I returned home from Afghanistan. At the C&P exam I did when I first filled back in 2011, the decision letter stated "The provider referred to a period of inactive duty."  Service connect was denied. Which was a true state, but the provider never mention any of the incidents I had while on active duty in Afghanistan. With that a CUE claim has been filed and I now had another C&P exam coming up. I had PFT test done then and I had one done today. My question is which one will they use, and what if i run in to the same situation at the C&P exam. I have been on an albuterol inhaler since Ive been back I still continue to cough up phlegm and i constantly get respiratory infections. Im still always short of breath to where it affects my daily activates. It has gotten to the point where I become depressed because I'm not able to have fun with my two boys, as any father would and having to explain to them why I can't  run or why I can't wrestle with them is heartbreaking. Any advice would be helpful!
      Army Veteran 2008
      · 0 replies
    • Ranger11bvp  »  Berta

      Berta!! Glad to be back!! My original account was under ranger11bv. I was wondering if I could get that back??? THNX!!
      · 0 replies
    • Espalda  »  Vync

      I read how the VAHC "Diverted $3 Billion Choice Funds for Other Sources" (don't worry I have the Article that quoted it in a letter to Senator Feinstein, Is that why my re authorization for continued care denied by the Director of Spine Clinic??)..this whole Choice Money Story is labeled as a smoke screen for another misappropriation scam, just like building the VA Clinic in Denver, CO. They threw the money at the VAHC to give us a Choice, but that was never the intent. The stats were manipulated to look like all us vets got given Choice, only to be denied after 1-2 visits. I am a living, breathing example!! And I have the recording of the Directors phone conversation with me to prove how he spoke to me about his condescending, disrespectable attitude...I've learned how to keep the evidence.
      · 1 reply
    • Espalda  »  Vync

      I could not find anything about Chicago VMC. Am I not entering the right info into Safari?? I would like to read the stor. I know there is nothing many of us can do, maybe a Veteran's March on the Whitehouse needs planning...of course posting on this public board is not the best place to announce such a grand idea, and a little late....maybe during all those rallies in each State would have been a great jumping off platform, WTF!!! 
      · 2 replies