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  1. Bluntly


    Appreciate everyones feedback....now can someone point me in the right direction on how to donate to this lovely website? Also I'll keep yall posted on my outcome with ssdi
  2. Bluntly


    Now i know one may not have to do with the other or maybe?... A couple days ago i received a huge deposit from the VA but at first i assumed it was from disability because that's the only thing i am expecting. Comes to find out the VA got my effective date for TDIU wrong instead of Dec. 17, 2017 they awarded me from Nov. 16, 2016. Now how in the world did they find that error because i had never alerted them on anything even tho i did feel they lowballed me on my effective date? Remind u i just got awarded IU around June of this year with retro included. Did ssa have anything to do with that? There's no way a VA employee is just opening a random veteran folder without being alerted on something right? So i called the office that's handling my ssdi claim and was inform my case was transferred to a different office now. When i called that office the person informed me that I'm ready for a hearing and that i should be receiving something in the mail soon. I should have a hearing around the end of February or beginning of March but don't quote her on it lol. Last but not least is this a good sign that im heading towards an approval? I've been flagged as critical since Sept. 20th of this year.
  3. Bluntly

    Critical case?

    No i do not. This was pertaining to ssdi benefits, sorry if i posted in the wrong section...
  4. Bluntly

    Critical case?

    I'm in New Jersey and wouldn't mind the website. Gladly appreciate it
  5. Just curious for the ones that went thru the process. Approximately how long before your hearing u had to wait? Filed in September of 2016 and just found out as of September 20th of this year my case has been listed as critical (being I'm 100 p&t from the VA). And how soon will i be notified to see if i am going to still have a hearing or will i be awarded without a hearing?
  6. Is it true or has anyone heard the saying that "no news is good news"?.....if so please enlighten me on this. This is what i was told by one of the agents on the phone 1800# Currently waiting for a hearing but believe i may have a fully favorable decision before my hearing. Did anyone else have a decision decided before the hearing while waiting to be scheduled for one, please enlighten me on this process also.
  7. Bluntly

    100 PERCENT or NOT???

    Roger that!!!
  8. Bluntly

    100 PERCENT or NOT???

    That about answers my question brother! Appreciate the insight alot and will keep yall posted on my process and progress just in life in general. This site just feels like family.
  9. Bluntly

    100 PERCENT or NOT???

    Currently, I have a tbi appeal at the board and waiting for a hearing. I also suffered from a tbi that happened in service and documented but not diagnosed. Also, i was wondering what would be the benefits if appeal the decision? Im getting paid at 100 but still remained at 70 for ptsd.... I guess what I'm asking is why would i want to appeal this decision?
  10. Bluntly

    100 PERCENT or NOT???

    May 26, 2018 i was approved for tdiu p&t. Effective date was Dec. 12, 2017 the day i applied for it. Thanks to all for listening to me even on my bad days, couldn't have done this alone without the help of this site.
  11. Bluntly


    Gastone my friend you are definitely a blessing in disguise. Appreciate you alot and yes my banking info is all set up! Also correction on my last post....my effective date is January of 2018 so about 6 months of retro i see but kind of feel slighted. I'm going to just have as is...enjoy your weekend brother
  12. Bluntly


    Words can't express how i appreciate all u guys and ladies of this site!!! Learned so much and is so humbled as I type this message. Checked ebennies this morn and found that I'm finally awarded IU P&T just dont know my effective date as of yet. So as i wait on the BBE what's next as far as applying for those good benefits?.....
  13. Bluntly


    Thanks so much bro and that pretty much sums it up for me and clarified. Glady appreciated and to others that gave me some good advice while going thru all this process.
  14. Bluntly


    I would like to add that when i got out the hospital, i never reached back out to them on that appointment missed. It's either TDIU or increase to 100 percent for ptsd is how i actually see it. But it can be worst case scenario which is none of the above. Appreciate your input.
  15. Bluntly


    I was hospitalized close to 3 weeks and didnt get to make it to that appointment due to a suicide attempt. Currently waiting for ssdi also that i applied for in November of 2016 i believe. I still dont get how i may have screwed up benefits that i know im entitled to???

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