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  1. @jfrei I got my answer and it was denied. I can say I believe that my congressman made them make a move. After a week from filing the form to congress then I get an answer. Coincidence? lol I say not but thanks again for the advice because it worked for me. Now I’ll just sit and wait it out for the long haul for a BVA hearing.
  2. Sorry to hear about the troubles. I really appreciate you replying back on an update. I’m in for the long haul again myself, as I just found out my advance on docket was denied. They put me down for a BVA hearing, so I’ll have another 3-4 more years to go.
  3. @broncovet always appreciated and thanks as always. After continued denials I decided to not give up and just hired an attorney this time around. His take is 20% which I’m ok with especially if it gets me aid & attendance or even smc t.
  4. Thank you for this. I’d just put in an inquiry to her and this my first time doing this. Hopefully I’ll have better luck as I always heard rumors that our congressman/woman don’t really move the needle dealing with the VA.
  5. I know this post is old but I happen to run across this during my research. @john999 I also have Karl as my attorney and would love to hear about your experiences with the firm. I’m heading to the BVA for a hearing and retained him last year. So far communications are excellent and no problems there. Just like to hear any success stories and hope you got everything you deserved. Thanks for taking your time to reply if you can.
  6. Thanks so much for this info as it’s gladly appreciated. As of now I’m still waiting to hear back from my representative and thanks a lot for your time, I will update back once all is finally over with.
  7. Greetings, Hadit family I’m currently still in the fight with the Va and have 4 appeals at the BVA awaiting an hearing. I applied for the motion in February of this year and it’s been crickets since. I started calling this month to inquire about it and keep getting the same generic answers. So today a nice lady finally was able to shed some light on it and said it’s currently waiting for a hearing to be scheduled, as it’s with the BVA hearing administrators. She said that’s a good sign but idk since no decision been made yet to grant the motion. Anyone else been in a similar situation? Or what else can I do on my end? And what to look out for etc. Would I hear about my hearing being scheduled first? Or would I hear about my motion being granted first? Thanks for the your time & responses P.S. I have an attorney but haven’t heard back yet in regards to this.
  8. Greetings, Any updates with this? Because I’m going thru this now. I filed a supplemental for earlier effective dates for my ptsd/tbi ratings. The decision came Nov. 9 2023 and in the decision letter it added a claim I never claimed, also left out a claim that I wanted to claim. They left off my earlier effective date for tbi and decided to put tdiu which both was denied(ptsd & tdiu ED’s). I called Peggy the following morning and they put in a request to have it reopen because they clearly see what I claimed on the form. They didn’t know why it was put in I’m challenging my tdiu effective date when it’s nowhere on the form. I was informed to give them 30 days to decide this and to be waiting on another decision letter. Best of luck on your journey and thanks for the time.
  9. @Dot09 I chosed the supplemental route to address my issues. Currently preparation for decision phase, as I’ll post back with an update on completion.
  10. @broncovet I appreciate the insight as always. I had a talk with DAV today for over 30 mins and he couldn’t identify the evidence that VA was talking about at all. I called the 1800# and was advised to just resubmit my claim as supplemental since they have the evidence that wasn’t considered already. She didn’t know also of this so called evidence they’re talking about. So I’m going to give it one more try before I take it to the board, as we know going to the BVA will take some years before my case can be heard. I just feel like I’m being set up for another denial since I can’t identify the actual evidence that is needed in a supplemental claim. I’ll post back once I get all this situated and Semper Fi to all continuing the fight with the VA. Lol it’s kind of ironic that I served 4 years and been to combat a couple times but been fighting the VA longer going on 8 years.
  11. UPDATE: The BVA is where i will have to go again. Ptsd is continued at 70, tbi continued at 10 and kept it combined with the ptsd. Also effective date denied for the tbi, Smc S wasn’t mentioned even tho I brought it up during my conference. She said she’ll look into, so I’m confused on what this means: ”The evidentiary record closed as of the date of notice of our prior decision. VA received additional evidence after the record closed that was not considered as part of this decision. If you would like VA to consider this evidence, you may submit a supplemental claim at any time; however, VA must receive your application within one year of the date of notice of this decision to preserve your right to receive the maximum possible benefit. The evidentiary record in a higher-level review is limited to the evidence of record as of the date the agency of original jurisdiction issued notice of the prior decision under review. The higher- level adjudicator may not consider additional evidence. Therefore, VA will only consider evidence received by the VA prior to or on March 27, 2023 for rhinitis. Further, VA will only consider evidence received by VA prior to or on May 16, 2023 for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with traumatic brain injury.“ I’m confused because idk what evidence they’re talking about that was not considered because it was received after the date of decision. I’ll give the DAV a call on Monday to see about this so called evidence that wasn’t considered at the time.
  12. Bluntly

    Entitlement to Smc S?

    Thanks a lot to everyone as I’m in pending final review. I mentioned this in my HLR informal conference. I’d asked did Bradley vs Peake apply here? because of my current rating and she said she’ll look into it for me. The conference was held August 23rd and pending final review that 29th. So we’ll see the results real soon and I’ll update once it’s completed. *Edit: updated to preparation for notification as of yesterday. No letter generated yet, or changes in ratings.
  13. Appreciate your support as always and I filed a supplemental claim for the headaches because it wasn’t addressed in my ptsd/tbi appeal. Then once the supplemental claim was completed, that exam still wasn’t listed as evidence. Which is why I’m trying the HLR to see if it was an error on their part. I’m on it! Which is why I filed the HLR to appeal the rating and effective date. Hopefully something goes in my favor as it’s still in pending decision approval. My effective date I believe should be my date of discharge, as the BVA clearly recognized the first diagnosis of a tbi in my STR’s. Also in the letter it addressed my combined percentages for ptsd/tbi and said it didn’t change my overall percentage. I get that part of not changing because it was only 10% but the letter only addresses the right now. It doesn’t speak of that 10% being added to my ptsd at the time when it was at 30%. Now if they combined the tbi then with the ptsd, I believe it would result in a change. The letter just doesn’t address the issue of the combination back then only of the right now. I appreciate your time and insights as always and once this HLR is over I’ll update you then, hopefully not that much longer, should be any day now.
  14. Greetings Hadit Family, Back with an update and a couple questions to follow of course. So my supplemental claim for headaches at 0% are continued, I appealed and as I type or speak lol a HLR is where I’m going this time in regards to my headaches. What’s crazy about this is they listed all the evidence from when I got out til now, but that Qtc exam I attended to in March of this year, that’s the one I keep saying is missing. In regards to my HLR for ptsd/tbi it’s been in pending decision approval as of last week and this my second week from having my informal conference. I’m real skeptical about this one because they denied the increase for headaches, so I’ll post back when this HLR is over with. Now to the question, when I first decided to stay in the fight with the VA, my first claim was tbi. In the process of waiting I learned I can put in for increases for my other disabilities and I did. My tbi claim was submitted 7-11-2016 and my increase for ptsd was submitted on 11-16-2016. I became TDIU from my ptsd alone, which is rated at 70%, I am now service connected for the tbi at 10% as of this year and dated back to my original filing date 7-11-2016. They combined the two and this didn’t change my rating, it stayed at 70%. Now from 7/11/2016-11/15/2016 my rating was 50%, being that they combined the two should there be a difference in percentage or pay for the 4 months in between? Also even tho they continued my headache rating at 0%, they changed my effective date to date of claim 5-16-23, why? When my effective date before was 06-21-2009, which was my exit date.
  15. Updated again this evening to pending final review which I would assume that’s the pending decision approval phase.
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