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  1. Bluntly


    Just got off the phone with Peggy and my DRO Review for migraines is "Pending Final Review" is what she said and it is good news. She then asked to verify my address, so i guess the wait is almost over.
  2. Bluntly


    Update....Had my C&p exam on the 17th and it turned out to be a neurology exam. This was the same Dr. that did my TBI exam and this time asking specific questions pertaining to my headaches. Just thought this was usual because when i had my migraine exam in 2018, I didnt go see that same Dr. and same location. Hopefully everything works out in my favor and you hadit members continue to prosper. Just wish i didnt try to read into much of the VA process as much but sure will keep you men and women updated on my results.
  3. Appreciate this and thanks alot. Wish u the best also along your journey.
  4. I really appreciate your response good brother. I dont have a nexus but I do have new and material evidence. Which I believe my lawyer is just waiting to present it at the BVA. The thing that is confusing to me is the SOC from the DRO seems to indicate that i do have a history of symptoms regarding tbi all thru out my progress notes dating back from Nov.09 - Aug16.....just dont see where i will need a nexus if one of their facilites is telling me that my history reveals tbi and in the next SSOC it is saying that my tbi should be resolved. Dont see how they are resolved if im taking my meds for these symptoms over the past 9 years
  5. Now this next SSOC one is from the BVA when i got placed on the docket regarding this same appeal...
  6. Greetings to all, as I play the waiting with the VA I went thru my paper work on the denials of my tbi. I realize the SOC i recieved from the DRO and the one i recieved from the BVA are 2 different languages and just would like anyones take on these 2 while I await to be seen at the board.... this 1st denial is from the DRO and remind u I had attended this exam, which they said i didnt...
  7. Just a quick update....on the 27th of Nov. 2019 the DRO put in for a C&P exam. Found out today where the C&P exam is going to be held but not date and time as of yet. Hopefully I can have it this month and be finished with the VA
  8. Thanks for taking the time out to respond and will do tomorrow morn.
  9. Just called the peggy# and finally got some kind of update on my appeal for increase on migraines. Nod is from March 8, 2018...just wanted to know if anyone experienced a pending c& p exam but hasnt been sceheduled yet? How long to find out whether or not you will have one?
  10. I appreciate you guys feedback. I'm still waiting to hear back from my lawyer on this matter. Who said she will reach back out to me with the formula on how they came to that. Also, this was not my lawyer who was at my Alj hearing. Both of these lawyers work for the same office, just one dont go any further than Alj hearings. No, I havent work at all since August of 2014
  11. Greetings to all, as I'm on to the next process dealing with ssa. Which my appeal is at the AC, i noticed the judge had on there my DLI is December of 2018. I believe this to be wrong when my last time working full time was in August of 2014. At my hearing the judge asked a question which my lawyer didnt know, and the judge just said this is to my benefit anyway and said the DLI is December of 2018. How is this to my benefit if this is wrong? as i believe i should still be insured, at least til the end of this year. Will the AC find this to be a error? if indeed the DLI is wrong Keep in mind I haven't address this in my appeal letter, just want to know will they catch a error like that. Thanks for taking the time out to read this.
  12. Just heard the news i didnt want to hear DENIED. I called my local office and the man i spoke to said it was just entered in the system this morning. Then called the Odar office and the lady gave me a different response which was a decision has not been made yet. For now i just got to wait on this mail and i had checked my online account. It has updated to appeal under review and a decision been made. Just dont know what to think or feel right now, my lawyer havent been responding maybe because he know it was denied smh another 100 percent vet p&t
  13. Hey, Hadit family just stopping by to update yall on my process. As of the 18th of this month my case is with a decision writer. My case is flagged as critical and things seems to be moving right along. I cant tell u how bad my anxiety is thru the roof on waiting for the final decision. September will be 3 years of this drawn out waiting game.
  14. Bluntly


    I just cant thank u fellas enough on the wealth of knowledge u added to this post appreciate the insight. I will keep you guys updated on my process, and yes my IU is based solely from my ptsd.
  15. Bluntly


    Thanks alot for taking the time to reply to me and appreciate your information brother.
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