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TDIU 100 percent cuts age 67 2020

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I have just seen a report that TDIU may be terminated at age 67 in the next year. This was proposed some time ago and caused a great deal of stress with veterans affected and was vehemently opposed by Vets groups. Here we go again? Ant input is welcomed and is this possible? What is probability in the opinions of all affected?

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Tbird already posted this.  Its an "option" that has been floating around for decades, ever since I can remember.  There is no proposed legisltation to change this.  Even if it were enacted, people would be grandfathered in who were 67 before year 2020.  I also explained that any politician who would propose such a bill to cut Vets benefits would be cutting their own political career's throat..and they know it.  

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Yes this proposal has been around for years. If and when it does go into effect it is not likely to be terminated by those that are already rated TDIU. The real concern is and always has been  awarding someone over age 65 TDIU. Most people retire anytime after 62 years old. Many veterans retire and at  later date they get rated TDIU because of a serious health problem related to their military service.  Many have indicated that  va compensation was not created to supplement retirement, it was created to offset the loss of income that the disability causes. If someone is already retired collecting social security and other retirement checks or benefits ,  they should not be rated TDIU since they are not working or losing any income due to the disability.  

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There are certain things VA cannot take into account when evaluating veterans for individual unemployability (TDIU), one of which is age, that's their rule, not mine. When the VA considers granting TDIU they evaluate the effects that the veteran’s service-connected condition(s) have on their ability to work - period! Even if the veteran retired long ago, the operative question remains: does the veteran’s service-connected condition(s) prevent them from working?  A lot of Veterans work well into their seventies. Seventy is the new Fifty.  

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