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federal college loan forgiveness due to TDIU

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Good morning,    I am at TDIU 100% and have been sent an application to have 40,000$ in college student loans forgiven due to IU. The instructions state due to P&T as well as IU. Does anyone have any experience, info on successful application??    Thanks   RLTW!

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Yes, I do.  I won student loan forgiveness.  As always, remember the 5 p's..proper preperation prevents poor performance.  A good start is to ask here.  Download the form, read it first.  

Make sure you send it to the right place.  They did fight me on it..not denying it, just delaying it.  They wanted a statement from my doctor, which, isnt required when you are already P and T.  I got a statement from my doctor..back in 2004..it was key in winning my benefits, but did not result in student loan forgiveness until a couple years later, after I was awarded benefits, tho I not sure why the delay.  

You should stay on top of it and ask for a loan forebearance if their is a delay.  

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Thanks once again Broncovet! My wife and I got everything all together today and sent off. Gave them extra. always worked for me as a contractor with a customer, seems to have worked thus far with regional. RLTW!

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