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Fellow Veteran brothers and sisters. I want to make sure I tell all of you how important Voc Rehab is if you are struggling. If any of you are having trouble finishing the program, or are denied in the program, or are needing to take a break due to your Service Connected Disabilities interfering or getting worse, Please keep this in mind. I was at 70% when I started Voc Rehab Chapter 31. Upon graduation which i barely finished as my SC Depression was at an all time worse, just lost another job 3 months prior to graduating. I then discovered this site and met one particular member that helped me to stay positive. That member also explained that I had options and could ask the VR Counselor for help by realizing I could no longer seek employment. I had for many years went from job to job after Military. Long story short, in 2015 was finally awarded SC at 70%. I then upon graduation talked with my VR Counselor and he agreed I was not able to seek feasible employment and I requested that in writing. I then submitted an IU claim and also applied for SSDI. 6 months later i was awarded both. The most important thing out of this is for those in a similar position there is a light at the end of your struggles. It just takes seeking answers and willingness to do the steps to get the right info and proof. For me it was that Vocational Rehab Feasibility  Letter that showed both the  VA and SSDI that my Depression service connected was a major obstacle in why I could not ever keep a job for long. Today I am able now to focus on my health. Never give up and seek those on here that know the FACTS and know how to lead you. Blessings.

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Hey thanks man. I'm 100% schedular P&T due to PTSD/BI-Polar/ADHD and I get Special Monthly Compensation S. I failed out of voc rehab and I'm trying again. I don't want to throw in the towel just yet. Plus I'm on SSDI. Not gonna lie, I'm probably going to make less money, because the VA will come after me. However, if I get accomodations maybe I'll be considered a protected veteran and not lose it. Anyways, appreciate what you said!

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