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  1. Well, I would be believe the White house. VSOs only have so much access to information and they not be well versed due to inexperience and lack of education on the subject. I'm pretty sure if you lie to the White house, you're going to be in deep doo doo.
  2. I would love to answer your question but I need a little more info. Is Peggy your VSO or working the DAV or American Legion? Sometimes, they can't see it based off not meeting certain criteria to look at decisions. There's one VSO that I have can see everything and other VSOs can't based off what he's qualified to look at. I hope you have a fair decision!
  3. I had a VSO try to scare me for an increase on my shoulder due to shoulder being injured more seriously. They said it was unlikely they would increase my shoulder. What they don't know, is that I went to Physical Therapy School and I know how to do evaluations. I had my wife help me measure my range of motion and I know I warranted for an increase. BTW, I'm 100% Permanent and Total Schedular strictly due to PTSD. If I had one more 10% rating, I would have had another 60% rating which would have entitled me to Special Monthly Compensation S. They looked at my other rating for an increase and I'm getting evaluated for those as well. However, while waiting for a C&P Exam, they automatically granted me at least an additional 10% without a C&P, my guess due to the Coronavirus. What I'm trying to do now is getting my other conditions to add up to 100% so if my PTSD gets better,, which I am trying desperately to do, I don't lose my 100% disability rating. I would love to work again, but I have to cover my ass because my kids could lose their benefits and I'll lose my house. I don't mind living in a one bedroom apartment or heck being homeless again, but I can't screw my family.
  4. So, I figure this might help you wonder if you have qualify for 100% Schedular P&T for PTSD. First of all, I was 26 when I was put for 100% Schedular for PTSD. I don't advise going down this road unless you're already on it, because once you're on it, there's very little chance for coming off. So, I had a tough time at my job and I was experiencing suicidal ideation. I was initially at 50% for PTSD. I was regularly seeing a psychologist and I really wasn't taking meds at the time. I went to the mental hospital for approximately 5 days. They put me on Quetiapine. Horrible drug! I put on so much weight! I started seeing a psychiatrist and took time off work. Put in for an increase, but when I went back to work, it was denied. Then, I quit. I moved in with my in-laws because I couldn't afford a place of my own. I filed again and this was considered homeless because I will living with someone else and the VA expedited my claim. I also went to the mental hospital twice again prior to that. The reason I went to the mental hospital because I was feeling suicidal. If you're feeling suicidal, go to the mental hospital. One, it really helps you. Two, it helps the VA recognize you have a problem. You need to establish a medical record that you have problem. No evidence, your problem can't be that serious, according to the VA. I went to the Independent Medical Examiner. I told him that I have no hope. My life is xxxxxx. All I want to do is drugs to solve my problems. Plus I was 300 pounds at the time. The Independent Medical Examiner told me that he had no hope for me. I was put at schedular for 100 percent for PTSD. My next exam was scheduled in a couple years. Whenever I was suicidal, I didn't deal with it by myself. I went to the mental hospital. I was also applying for SSDI. I got denied initially, but I applied again. I waited a few months and then I wrote Senator Tammy Baldwin. I asked her why the VA, a federally agency that determines disability, says I have total occupational and social impairment and that I'm 100% disabled due to my PTSD, and Social Security, a federal agency that determines disability, says I'm not. I told her that I'm working to get employed again, but I keep failing and that I wouldn't give up. I was also going to college at the time and no lawyer would take my case because I'm trying to get a job even though I'm applying for disability. She contacted Social Security and got me approved. I also went to the mental hospital two to three times on average per year. When it came time for my re-evaluation, it was a slam dunk. They put me at 100 schedular P&T for PTSD. I will say this, when you go to the mental hospital, they do re-evaluate your claim occasionally. They checked up on me last August. Now, what I do when I feel suicidal is contact the crisis line and inform my psychologist when I do. That way it's in my medical record and they don't second guess what I'm rated at. My wife goes to all my appointments and she's my caregiver even though we don't get the stipend, which I'm okay with I guess. I'm financially good. I know mental health very well. Also, went to physical therapy school and I know how to do evaluations. If any of you are in Wisconsin. If you need help understanding your mental illness, regardless of what it is, I might be able to help.
  5. See, that's what I thought. I read some forums that there was a loophole. Like, if it was prescribed by a doctor. I heard the VA does do that. I had a doctor who had a three strikes your out policy. However, it's not legal in my state. I only want to take it to help me sleep.
  6. IF my state legalizes medical marijuana, would the VA still prescribe Adderall and Tramadol?
  7. Hey, I'm prescribed adderall for my ADHD and I'm prescribed tramadol for my shoulder pain. If they legalize medical marijuana in my state, could I use marijuana without losing these controlled substances by the VA?
  8. I know a VSO who has a 100 percent rating for PTSD and he's working. I'm 100 percent schedular for PTSD permanent and total and I'm using voc rehab to get a job so I can be a nurse at the VA. The thing is, they define what total occupational and social impairment means. If you fit that criteria and you somehow manage to find a job despite the conditions that define total occupational and social impairment, you should have nothing to worry about. Plus, you can always fight it if they reduce you or find other conditions that you have and get those bumped so that you'll have a 100 percent rating. Good luck dude
  9. Dude, you are WRONG!!!!!!! I'm 100 Percent Schedular Permanent and Total due to PTSD plus homebound Special Monthly Compensation S plus I'm bon SSDI and I got approved for a Doctorate to do Physical Therapy School through Voc Rehab. I only had 22 days left on my GI Bill and they had to extend my schooling by 3 years! This is how I did it. I shadowed a lot of Physical Therapists and letters of recommendation from them plus with my professors. I logged my hours and showed them that I got accepted into Physical Therapy School. They approved the program. I went to Social Security and got into the Ticket to Work program so they wouldn't review me while I was in Physical Therapy School. So, I got to keep both benefits while I was in school. Also, while I have heard of people losing 100 percent permanent and total schedular due to PTSD for working, I have never seen anyone on this forum actually lose it. Also, my VSO told me that once you are at 100 percent permanent and total schedular, I can't lose it even if I'm working unless I open up the case myself. With that being said, I did fail out of the program and I'm back to square one. I'm trying to go back to school to become a nurse and work with the VA. I'm going to do everything to cover my ass in the meantime. I figure in theory they could lower it if I'm working, however, if you have most of the symptoms of 100 Percent schedular you shouldn't lose it and you can fight it if they try. Don't give up! You got this! My VSO tried to tell me that getting approved for a doctorate was impossible, but holy moses, it got approved!
  10. Definitely in the same dilemna. I'm 100% schedular Permanent and Total for PTSD/Bi-Polar/ADHD plus special monthly compensation S and . See though, I still have the symptoms that qualify me for Total Occupational and Social Impairment, but I figure I work at the VA and they can accomodate me as a nurse. I'm using voc rehab as well. I don't know if they'll take it away, but my VSO swears up and down that if I'm Permanent and Total and I use voc rehab, they won't take it away. I pray he's right. If he's not, I'll have to really look at my other disabilities and get those bumped up if I qualify of course! This is the problem that a lot of veterans run into. We get paid more to not work and stay sick than to actually get better and find a job. I wrote my congressmen about this and came up with a couple of resolutions to resolve this, but to no avail. He just said that's how it is. I just wish once you got a rating, you can't lose it. I get trying to save taxpayers money and not to get something you don't deserve, but after being on disability for so long and getting use to an income lifestyle it could really suck to lose your benefits.
  11. Hey thanks man. I'm 100% schedular P&T due to PTSD/BI-Polar/ADHD and I get Special Monthly Compensation S. I failed out of voc rehab and I'm trying again. I don't want to throw in the towel just yet. Plus I'm on SSDI. Not gonna lie, I'm probably going to make less money, because the VA will come after me. However, if I get accomodations maybe I'll be considered a protected veteran and not lose it. Anyways, appreciate what you said!
  12. Hey guys! I'm new to the group! I'm 100%P&T plus Special Monthly Compensation S plus SSDI. I failed out of Voc Rehab, but I'm trying again. I really want to work. I know that if I go back to work, there's a chance of losing 100%P&T especially since it's soly based off PTSD/bipolar/adhd. Plus, what if I fail again? However, I figure if I work for the VA they would be able to accomodate me. I'm looking into becoming a nurse. I might make less, but what if I'm happier working? Plus, helping other veterans like me would be pretty rewarding. I don't know though. What do you guys think?
  13. Has anyone gotten Special Monthly Compensation L for PTSD alone? Can you share your story?
  14. I'm 100 percent schedular Permanent and Total due to PTSD/bipolar/OCD/ADHD and 60 percent based off other conditions putting me at Special Monthly Compensation S. I know that 100 percent schedular means Total Occupational Impairment plus other qualifications I more than qualify for. However, depending on how you interpret that, I'm looking at the possibility of working. My logic is Total Occupational Impairment means that you are going to struggle at every job you have. If I have special accomodations as a protected veteran, I might be able to work. Even Veterans who are TDIU get to keep their benefits as long as they have special accomodations. My problem is my intelligence goes from super high to way below average depending on my disability. I've been working on this for years and I still have ups and downs. As a nurse, there is no way I can work twelve hours. I'll be lucky to do 8. However, there is a lot of part time work as a nurse and the VA is always hiring nurses. I figure the VA would be understanding of me. Where I'm at, the VA only works nurses Monday thru Friday 40 hours per week. They let me off for my appointments and still pay me. If I go to the mental hospital, they won't fire me. The reason I'm asking about Aid and Attendance is my wife helps me out in accordance with the regulations. However, I wasn't sure if you could work and get Aid and Attendance (Special Monthly Compensation L&1/2). Has anyone ever heard of anyone working and getting this?
  15. Hey guys, here's the scoop! Been in Voc rehab a couple times, failed, and going to voc rehab again. I have a 100% Permanent and Total Disability due to PTSD. I have other conditions that add up to 60% and I get Special Monthly Compensation S. My wife helps in accordance with Aid and Attendance standards and will probably have to continue this even if I'm working. What I'm trying to do is get a job at the VA as a nurse, but first I have to pass nursing school. Admittedly, I don't know if I can do that, but I'm trying. Can you get Special Monthly Compensation L if you are trying to go back to work or even working?
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