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update on my 1st claim under AMA

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I made the first post under the AMA forum about my 1st Claim under the AMA process.

I put it up to track the dates and times things took

I filed that post May 8 2019 the same day I filed the claim

On May 17 I was emailed that VES was looking for a Doctor.

on May 20th I found out my C&P was on May 24th

On May 29th VA.GOV said estimated completion date was Oct 22, two days later it went to Oct 23rd.

The next week VA posted they had sent a Request for Clarification.

No change until this morning at 4 a.m. PST. The status went to Preparing for notification with a completion date of 17 June.

Since I am OCD and have taken the good advice not to obsess over what Ebennies and now VA.GOV says about estimated completion dates.

I limit myself to checking it once in the morning, usually around 4 a.m. and once around 8 p.m.

So that is what makes this a little funny. Last night at 8 p.m. the status was still Oct 23rd, but by 4 a.m. PST it changed to June 17th.

It appears someone was working overtime or literally waited to Saturday morning to flip that date switch.

I don't know for sure.

So now the wait begins.

What I know for sure is the Dr. was a idiot and not qualified in Urology or anything else I am rated for. He is only licensed as a General Practioneer

I posted his weak credentials elsewhere. basically he has never practiced medicine, He just does C&P's and probably insurance evals.

I suspect I will be filing a NOD.

I do know that since the change on VA.GOV I am sure the RO has the DBQ, so I will go down and see if I can get that one and the other three I need.

That alone is logistical chore but I will figure that out. The wheel chair and all the hills near the VARO make getting there a bit much.

I will post again when the date changes and see if I start my wait for the BBE or if they bounce it back again.

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You posted:


......have taken the good advice not to obsess over what Ebennies and now VA.GOV says about estimated completion dates.

Great idea.  While its certainly true that ebenefits can change at any day or hour, I still think twice per day is too much and further recommend checking it less.  I have been in your shoes and a VSO wisely suggested I get a hobby.  

Checking ebenefits 2, 10, or 50 times per day wont speed up your letter, and its not much use to prepare for the letter's arrival.  

For me, I made a chart where I took the best case senario, (most retro I thought I could get) mid range..part of the stuff denied, some awarded, and almost no retro.  

Lets say it was 80,000 retro, 40,000 retro, and 10,000 retro.  Something close, but I figured out likely numbers.  

Then, I decided what to do with retro.  In priority order.  

You know

80,000 retro                                  40,000 retro

pay all bills                                    pay 80 percent of all bills

donate to hadit.                            donate to hadit. 

save  or                                          60 percent

invest                                                no new car.

tithe to church                               tithe

go on trip,                                       shorter trip

buy car, 

Then I prioritized them..I was specific.  

I decided how much to invest, and what to invest in.  

etc.  I chose mostly bitcoin and litecoin to invest in.  (Wow, was that ever a good idea.  Bitcoin went from about 200 dollars to 17,000 but its back to 9000.

Litecoin went from 9 dollars to 340 dollars and its back to about 134 dollars today)



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another update on this claim process.

for the last 10 days or so I have not been able to get into Ebennies, so I have just relied on VA.gov.

I have long had the habit of checking the Disabilities page because with all my claims to date that page updated just after the Decision was finalized but before I got the BBE.

I just got in and on the Disabilities page at the bottom of my rated Disabilities is a new entry and it explains a couple things.

This claim comes from an award for ED from 8/20/2019. The VA in the award letter said "i might have a claim for voiding dysfunction". So once the stuff i had in the pipeline was completed I filed this claim. That explains the 8/20 date. It seems that if they approve it will be back dated to that date.

It is still odd as I have never had a "pending disabilities" entry on that page. It has always just had the decisions once they were awarded or denied. I wonder if this is a new thing?

It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow which is the estimated completion date.

Pending Disabilities

Disability Submitted Type Actions

Genitourinary Condition, Benign Prostate Hypertrophy, Urinary Leakage (secondary To: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, With Bipolar Ii Disorder (previously Rated With Major Depressive Disorder With Psychotic Features)



05/08/2019 SEC View Pending Claim
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43 minutes ago, broncovet said:

I still think twice per day is too much

you can think that all you want too Broncovet, the reality is I will continue to check it twice a day for the very reason of my latest update since you chimed in.

The timing of these things are interesting to some people. Many of us like to be able to speak with exactitude and proof about our own claim process and have the documentation to back up those comments about timing.

The VA's latest system is called AMA and it added the National Work Queue which affects that timing and speed that things happen.

When it comes to timing whatever your past experience was it is no longer relevant.

We all need to learn the new timings and track how the promise of 125 days matches the reality of our claims under AMA.

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Update as of June 17th

I posted yesterday of a change in Ebenefits status reporting and the Fact the on Va.gov my claim went from being estimated closed in October to closing on June 17th. 

I posted the "new" info showing on Ebenefits that I had never seen before about a Pending Claim

I just went to VA.GOV and claim showed closed so I went to Ebenefits.

Sure enough not only did they say they closed the claim on 16 June (not 17 june) but Ebenefits now has the decision showing under my Disabilities listing. As I suspected they would deny (based on the Dr being an idiot who did not know what BPH stood for and is not a Urologist, he is just a GP with no specific certification in GenitoUrinary systems).

Time to start my NOD.

Here is the new display on ebenefits

Rated Disabilities

Disability Rating Decision Related To Effective Date
bilateral hearing loss 0% Service Connected   08/20/2018
tinnitus 10% Service Connected   11/30/2012
post traumatic stress disorder with bipolar II disorder (previously rated with major depressive disorder, psychotic features ) 100% Service Connected



benign prostate hypertrophy

  Not Service Connected    

urinary incontinence

  Not Service Connected    

erectile dysfunction

0% Service Connected   08/20/2018

benign paroxysmal positional vertigo

30% Service Connected   08/20/2018
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