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Remand information

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Martha edgin


Husbands appeal from 2015, video conference with judge in March, 2019,  now remanded back to, I believe, regional office. When should we expect to hear from RO if more info is needed!  Paperwork said letter from clinician verifying Cath kit is an appliance. Seems Last Va examiner checked Cath kit as an appliance. As cathing  is mandatory every four hours around the clock, WE make up “kits” ourselves so easily to carry necessary equipment, Cath. Antiseptic, glove, gel, etc. Geeze. Absolutely no common sense anymore.  Just wondering how to contact federal Regional Office to ask what, if anything, is needed  


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Excellent question.   Do you have a copy of your cfile, so you know exactly what information and evidence VA has?  

Often we "think" VA has 1,2,3, evidence, and we often find out its missing number 2.  And we find that out too late.  This is why we suggest being proactive, finding out exactly what evidence they do have.  

You can try looking on ebenefits and see if evidence is missing.  Of course, you also have to watch your letters, and make sure you attend (potential) c and p exams, if required.  

It helps some to know the Caluza elements, and, if you are service connected already for the disorder(s), then you can look up the criteria and compare it with what is documented in your file.  

Hope this helps.   

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did you receive the updated files on your case?  They should have send you what the board decided and what the remand entails.  If not you should receive this and know what is going on prior to the remand instructions.  As it is a Remand you and go to VA.gov and check there, the va will update this area so you can kind of see what the remand is about.  

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