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Exceesive Protien In Urine

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Its me again with a couple of questions. Over the past two years I have been seeing the doc's about an excessive protein count in my urine. Can anyone tell me what could be causing this problem. I took more labs three weeks ago and scheduled for an ultrasound next month. Any ideas??????

These are some of the results from Jan 04 Labs

IGG 2608.8 H (700-1600) mg/dL

IGA 67.6 L (70-400) mg/dLl

IGM 24.0 L (40-230) mg/dL

Protein Total 8.8 H (6.3 -8.2)g/dL

A1-Globulin 0.25 H (0.10-0.21)g/dL

G-Globulin 2.16 H (0.65-1.47) g/dLl

FERRITIN 708.8 H (30-400) ng/mL

Best Regards

Chiefhouse :(

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Guest Morgan
Chief -are you a diabetic?

Does the doc seem concerned?


Here's a clip from MedLine. As you can see, it can mean something minor or something serious. Be sure to ask your doctor, as your involvement in your own health care can be extremely important, especially with the VA. They forget for years to tell veterans the results of tests, then only tell when some illness is full-blown and sometimes past helping.

What does the test result mean?

NOTE: A standard reference range is not available for this test. Because reference values are dependent on many factors, including patient age, gender, sample population, and test method, numeric test results have different meanings in different labs. Your lab report should include the specific reference range for your test. Lab Tests Online strongly recommends that you discuss your test results with your doctor.

Protein in the urine is a warning sign. It may indicate kidney damage or disease or be a transient elevation due to an infection, medication, vigorous exercise, or emotional or physical stress. In some people, it may be present during the day and absent at night when the patient is lying down (orthostatic proteinuria). In pregnant women, elevated urine protein levels can be associated with pre-eclampsia.

When kidney damage is present, the amount of protein present is generally associated with the severity of damage, and increasing amounts of protein over time indicate increasing damage and decreasing kidney function. Proteinuria is associated with many diseases and conditions, including:


Bladder cancer

Congestive heart failure


Drug therapies that are potentially toxic to the kidneys


Goodpasture’s syndrome

Heavy metal poisoning


Kidney infection

Multiple myeloma

Polycystic kidney disease

Systemic lupus erythematosus

Urinary tract infection

Good luck!


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Chiefhouse- In thinking over what you posted here-

two years is a long time to have these readings without the docs taking steps sooner to try to see what is what.

I sure dont want you to worry but if additional med care shows that you have diabetes or anything else that could have been detected sooner- please let me know and you can file a Sec 1151 claim-

meaning if the VA , by their medical care or lack of it or lack of proper timely diagnosis,and treatment caused you to have additional disability-they have to rate the additional disability and pay you comp for it.

I dont get what took them so long-

then again I have med recs here that are full of abnormal test results over a six year period that no doctor at the VA could read or follow up on.

I feel that not only do veteran claimants have to practically become lawyers they also have to become doctors too- what I mean is -thanks to the internet- a veteran can assess their own blood chem work, any

MRI results, and even whether their VA medications are appropriate.

It is up to veterans to ask questions of VA doctors and point out anything that doesn't seem right in their care. I have vets who feel so intimidated by the VA medical people they encounter, that they fail to ask the docs the most simple questions or even ask why a blood chem result is abnormal.

Yet if they just paid $100 for a car repair and the car breaks down as soon as they leave the mechanic,certainly they would question just what the heck the mechanic did.

You paid them by your service to work at a pretty nice salary from the gov --to serve you-

I think vets have a right to insist on the type of care they have paid for-

and of course, it pays to get a VA doctor who speaks English.

I often wonder how many vets get med care or prescriptions based on a misunderstanding of their symptoms by some foreign doctor who might also be unable to clearly write anything of value of the med recs. Maybe these days are over with the electronic med recs- but any vet who had med recs full of scribbles hard to decifer obviously probably has had a VARO overlook something important not to mention the next doctor who gives this vet care and is unable to interpret what the past doctor wrote.

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I got a follow up appointment for 2 Nov 05 to see the doc about this protein problem. Sometime I do get that extra foam topping after going to the bathroom. Hopefully the doc will give a more definitive answer to this problem instead of just saying, "I've see you in six Months". I haven't but will start keeping good notes about the ups and downs of my health so I can give the doc's a step-by-step record of my problems...since I seem to have so many aliments now.

If you can tell me what you think my problem is with the information I provided, why can't the doctors see the same thing. I sincerely thank you for your assistance and will surely let you know the outcome on my doctor's visit next month.

Best Regards

Chiefhouse :(

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Chiefhouse- do you have a complete copy of all of your VA med recs? To include any Blood Chemistry Reports?

Have you ever had an HBIac test?

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