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new ebenifits mystery

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I understand the feeling about ebenifits and to not trust what it says.  This is a new issue I think bizarrely effected my claim.

1.  4/19/2019 I filed for an increase in current SC conditions.

2.  8/3/2019 I go to a C&P for this claim.  I had to go back again 3 weeks later if forget the exact date because something was not done correctly at the first C&P.

3.  10/10/2019  I filled out an intent to file on ebenifits.  I did not do anything with the application other than start the app with no other information filled out.  It showed up in ebenifits.

4.  10/15/2019 my claim from 4/19/2019 shows as complete and pending notification which was updated on 10/17/2019 as notification sent.

Here is where it gets weird and confusing.

I checked ebenifits yesterday to complete my intent to file application.  It somehow is not listed as a new claim but combined with the 4/19/2019 claim that was completed and notification sent which I confirmed with a few calls over the past few days to the VA.  I have not received the letter yet but they keep telling me over the phone that the letter was sent.  

I'm trying to figure out how after the 4/19/2019 claim supposedly closed the new intent to file claim now has the start date of 4/19/2019?

I tried asking this question over the phone and the VA seems as confused as if they are only looking at the same thing I am on my ebenifits.  The fact that today I am hitting the 10 business days from notification sent and my letter still has not arrived tells me something strange happened.  I'll wait till todays mail but suspect it was never sent.  I understand why people are so hesitant about doing anything while they have a pending claim.  I understood an intent to file as not having any effect on current claims.  I think this incident has broken that barrier.  Its not supposed to but it seems like something happened to combine the start dates of the 2 claims.

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I would actually be ok with them combining these claims.  The reason being is that it seems they went back to the earlier date.  I just can not believe they did this as it seems it would have taken a human to take some extra steps and I did not ask them to do this.  I always thought the VA is just a bunch of drones going through a process.  Kind of like the answers I have been getting when I call.  They just keep telling me a decision has been made and a letter has been sent yet it has not arrived.

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