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Guest terrysturgis


Guest terrysturgis

I filed a NOD on my hypertension and requested a DRO review of my claim. I enclosed Docket No. 03-37 357 and hilighted the decision. My SO got excited.

I also filed a new claim for Bilateral Peripheral Neuropathy, Upper Body. I had an AO exam and the VA Doctor discovered lack of strength and feeling in both of my hands. The PN did not come before DMII so I think the claim should go through.

Two questions, what Exam does the VA use for PN and what do I need my regular Doctor to say on an IMO. Nexus, etc. Thanks! Terry Sturgis

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  • HadIt.com Elder

How do I find docket 03-37-357? I have the same problem and a hearing coming up in a week. I could not find it at the BVA site by putting in the docket number. Your claim sounds strong!


They will used a neurologist for your PN exam. They do the pinprick test and some others. It all should be under the disability exams page for peripheral nerves. I think you want a neurologist to do a nerve conduction test. They stick a needle in your hands and wrists and check to see if there is a delay in the signal.

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Guest terrysturgis

John, in the Claims and Research section, look up the post by Berta dated 28th September 05 at 8:27 am. The decision is there as an attachment. It sure has to help you with your situation of PN. It sounds like what I read from your post that you and I have simular claims. Good luck! Terry Sturgis

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I was going over a PN situation yesterday-

for my dead husband's SMC claim-

He could not use his hands anymore to type on the PC, not use touch tone phone, TV clicker, couldn't write a check or handle coins---etc- and sure couldnt drive-also he could not determine hot and cold anymore by hand and I had to check his shower and bath water for him-

in the SSA records it showed that he broke our heater (he was PHVAC operator) because he could not handle tools anymore. We had the heater bill to prove it.

My point is that these are some of the residuals of PN due to DMII-he had a major stroke that was due to DMII per IMO doctor and these are extreme results of that but then again- I would think one doesnt need to have a stroke to have this type of difficulty due to PN.

I looked over SMC K awards and each hand- if you have lose of use of , can get the K award- also there are other upper extremity losses such as loss of use of entire arm etc- in 38 USC 1114-

and also combos that put a veteran at other higher rates of SMC.

If you have upper PN in your extremities to this extent,or have any of these difficulties , make sure the private doc and the VA knows this-

PN in lower extremeties are also spelled out in those regs.

I believe we have an IMO guideline here at hadit somewhere.

My IMO doc (Dr. BAsh) stated there was no other known etiology for the veteran's problems but for DMII,

he stated numerous medical facts and test results from the veteran's med recs and SOCS to support his opinion,(Rod had never been diagnosed with DMII by the VA)

and with his radiology background, he gave an expert opinion on the MRI results of brain ischemia and atrophy ,that was consistent with that of "thousands" of diabetic's brain MRIs he had read.

My husband's nexus was already presumptive but he quoted from the AO NAS literature and then also used

treatise from Braunwald to support Rod's heart disease and peripheral artery disease as due to the undiagnosed DMII.

Also I had a brief supporting IMO from a former treating VA physician that he incorporated into the IMO.

VA is looking for no other etiology but for SC due to nexus (or presumptive or within one year of discharge)

Medical documented facts that the IMO refers to and agrees with, a 'more than likely' statement as to Service connection, and some statement or rationale as to how the IMO doctor is qualified to render this type of opinion.

Their letterhead won't do it- they need to specifically tell VA why they are able to render this type of opinion.

Such as 'over my 30 years of medical practice I have treated numerous diabetic patients who have peripheral neuropathy and am qualified to render this opinion for this veteran.'

Or" I am a Board Certified Endocrinologist and my practice centers solely on endocrine disorders such as diabetes."

He gave 8-9 pages of his credentials too.

Edited by Berta
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