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Smh did that take away the direct upload to the bva

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Mr cue


Ok maybe I am missing something I have uploaded withdrawal an petition for relief and other things to the bva.

I think I was using benefits.

I look all over VA.gov and all upload are now send to the VA this crazy.

So now we have no contact at all with the bva. Man they are making it hard on veterans.

Guess I will be just send a copy of my withdraw certified mail and upload to to an wait months for them to scan it and send it to the proper ppl  

? am I miss something veteran can't upload to the bva anymore.

Or is there a new way that I can't find?

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You could be right, but I am not sure you can upload directly to the BVA.  I know if use https://www.va.gov/disability/upload-supporting-evidence/ they will get it.  As I have sent it and then called them to verify they got it and they did.

I also Faxed it and I mailed it to make sure they got it.  I know this was overkill, but it did work.

I know you can go to your local VSO and have them fax it for free and get a verification.  

Board of Veterans’ Appeals
P.O. Box 27063
Washington, DC 20038
FAX: 1-844-678-8979 (Toll Free)

Use Ask VA for a status report on your appeal before the Board. In your submission, please be sure to include your name, file number, and specific request. Please note that we respond to submissions in the order in which they are received. We may request additional information to verify identity in order to protect the privacy of our Veterans.

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