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I know I may be dating myself but every time I think about waiting for a VA decision I think about an old commercial about anticipation. The fact that veterans have to go through what we have to go through with the VA and then get a call from our lawyers, representatives or even from the VA stating that they have made a decision and the time it takes the VA to send this decision out sometimes I think it is really unnecessary. I remember working with finance and military pay and we were able to correct a soldiers pay within 3-5 days if there was a problem. Thinking about how good it will be when I can finally buy that forever home 🏡.




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I find it best "not" to wait on it.  Instead, I move on to other projects (that I can do with the present resources).  

Some examples:

1.  Research the area of where you want to buy a home.  Do you want an acre?  5 acres?  City Lot?  If you get a lot in the country, what about utilities?  Is it cheaper to go solar or pay the electric company to run the power to your building site.  

Do that with water, gas (natural or propane).  Decide on heating systems.  Forced Air is less expensive but often dries out the air.  Hot water heat is more expensive but may work well with some other things.  Just keep going, keep researching and narrowing down a site "as if" you already had the money.  

2.  "Improving a relationship" is a great idea.  What can you do to please your wife?  Clean out the garage?  How about those honeydo lists you never got to.  Call a daughter you have not seen in a while and ask her things about what she is interested in.  "How are your dance classes going?  Can I come to a recital? etc. 

3.  List all your bills and try to find those which can be "cut" lower or even eliminated.  I eliminated cable, greatly reduced cell phone bill down to $15 per month (Mint, but only if you pay a year in advance).  

4.  Decide how to invest your retro.  You should invest at least some of it.  Remember, rookies "buy stocks" while pro's "build a portfolio".  There are many dividend stocks/ETF's/bond funds paying 10 percent dividends with low risk.  Or more!  

5.  Have fun.  Do you like fishing?  How about ice fishing?  Do things you like.  Your money will arrive at the same time whether you choose to be miserable or be happy.  I choose the later.  

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Good advice but those things believe it or not have been on my list since the last time I was awarded a nice retro. Been going through this for a while and just really waiting on the decision and funds I thought would finally come through. Also been thinking on getting a small home generator for home if possible but time will tell. Power seems to shut off in my area, but it never stays off that long so thinking about investing in a home unit. I cut cable off and it is cheaper for me to stream, I can afford it, but I don't like the content on cable. Now what I don't want to watch, I can just turn off. 

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