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I'm a two tour Vietnam vet, Marine Corps. I have 5 Agent Orange disabilities. Parkinson's 70%, Nephropathy 60%, secondary to AO DMII, PN 20% bilateral lower extremity. Chloracne 30%, wounds, and PTSD in the mix.

I have developed worsening symptoms of SC PD conditions, developed Chronic Fatigue, Sleep Apnea with CPAP, urinary dysfunction secondary to PD three meds and 4 pads daily, IBS also secondary to PD, and Renal Osteodystropy.

VSO filed claims, on a Tuesday, LHI sent an email 2 days later with appointments.  I thought that was too quick, since I have not submitted private DBQs and Nexus letters.  Have intent to file until Oct 2023. Withdrew all my claims because I need time to add new evidence.

What am I looking at here?  I know no one can tell exactly. But  with a SWAG, 60% CFS, 50% OSA, maybe 50 combined IBS/Urinary,  Rigdidity, loss of most functioning of the right hand, and combined  unknowns for increases in PN, Ostedystrophty, other 0% to 10% SC ratings from Parkinsons 

Thank you!

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Ok so a few issues here.  You normally have some time to submit new evidence even far after the C&P exams.  

Do you have a PTSD rating?  I do not see a percentage and if you did then you would already be 100%

While it does help to have those all done, but as long as you did not file a Fully Developed claim you are good for a bit.  They will also help you get those records if you tell them where to get them.

Are you sure you have an intent to file that is separate from the claim your VSO put in?  If so, that is good.

If you are looking for a rating, it really depends on how bad your conditions are.  

If you are wanting to know if you will be at 100%?  IF you get service connected for those then yes you could be looking at that.

Are you working?  If not, you should already be going for TDUI.  If you are eligible for TDUI and get it, then you should be going for SMC if you qualify for that.

Also, LHI does move that fast.  The issue here is the time the VA takes to do it.

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I am 100% P and T with SMC-S1. Yes, I'm 70% for PTSD, but my 20 year anniversary is October 1, 2023, so it is not part of the claim. Yes, I have an Intent to File. 

Most all issues are currently service-connected except CFS, diagnosed, Sleep Apnea w/CPAP. The VSO placed SA secondary to DM II, CFS, secondary to Parkinson's disease.  It appears the VA errored by placing Renal osteodystrophy as secondary to Parkinson's when it is clearly a Renal issue.  All contentions have progressively worsened from the original claims in 2011.

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I would go for aid and attendance smc l you have in your record that you need help of others.

Your caregiver notes

 I would have my wife write a statement about the help she provided an point them to the caregiver records or provide them.

An put in the claim you will most likely be send to the aid and attendance exam.

My advice is if they try to open all your disability like they try to do me.when I apply for smc benefits 

I would withdraw them and explain that you are only applying for aid and attendance. Not an  increase rating.

This how they start the games

I was granted smc l and half

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