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VA vs C&P Exams

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Not sure if this is just me or not, but I've noticed every time I get an x-ray on my knees or hips from the VA at the VA they always say it looks normal and is "within normal limits", but for every C&P exam I have went to using a private doctor they have always found the signs of OA and damage. Recently I went for my knees to be re-x-rayed along with my back. I can promise you the whomever read the x-rays put very little effort or time into the reading them because they said everything was normal, and for my back x-ray they talked about my knees and didn't mention one word about my back. It was basically a copy and paste into four reports.  Has anyone else experienced this?

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O yeah! Normal for the C&P examinations to do this. I swear, every C&P exam I've been to (at least 19) with the exception of 2, have been exactly the same. Cut and paste as normal findings or a complete (and intentional) misrepresentation of what I said and/or outright lies and accusations by the PA of what symptoms and issues I had.

It sucks, but you but you have to get private doctors on your side. In my case, my PCP, neurologist, and rheumatologist all got on my side and helped me with (first) the right and correct diagnosis. Second, I built relationships with them before I brought my needing their assistance with my VA claim. Third, I made their life easier by following their treatment plans and bringing them the forms/letters/information they needed to help me after they agreed to help me. My rheumatologist was extremely helpful as she used to work for the VHA side in Maryland before she came to Colorado.

Nothing pisses a doctor more than when you walk into their office with the expectation that they're your lawyer and not your physician. Many are afraid to work on your behalf against the VA or SSA because they think they're going to get hauled into a court or something.  

It has taken me 23 years (and the fight continues) but I've learned with my family situations and my own, that you have to be your own advocate. Yes, there are those out there who can and are willing to help, but if the vet isn't willing to put in the effort to dig down and do some research and assist in their own claim, it won't help and they are adversely delaying their claim. You also must possess the patience of a saint.

Protest the C&P exam. I did that by writing a short and concise letter along with the necessary private doctor's materials in my NOD. In one case, I sent a letter to the C&P exam office who was in charge of the doctors for the C&P (I can't remember what four-letter alphabet soup agency it was). The lady at the ombudsman's office in Cheyenne helped me with that information.

Blah, blah, blah, I'm in a yappy mood this morning. Sorry for the long post.

Semper Fi,

Sgt. Wilky

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Spelling and phraseology and such
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