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Camp Lejeune lawsuit

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I am being bombarded with lawyers wanting me to sign up for a Camp Lejeune case. My brother went with Bell Law Group in SC. I am thinking about that as well. I spoke with a Marine friend and he said he thinks it's a good idea since it's local. I had hesitated because they want 40% of any settlement. That seems to be the going rate. I did find one in Louisiana for 20-30% but I feel more comfortable with the SC firm. They also have a good reputation. I think they wrote the bill. Maybe 40% will make them work harder. I've heard they could offset anything the VA is already giving. Attorney Rosinski thinks it will be hard to prove the difference between the tongue cancer, for which I'm being paid, and esophageal cancer, which I don't have at the time, and have not filed a claim for, since they are in close proximity. But I'm willing to let a judge make that decision. It is my understanding this is a civil suit and the VA is not involved. But how can they offset an award if they are not involved? I don't want them playing with my 100%. Is it risky to hire Bell Law Group?

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The Fob James law firm in Birmingham Al is handling Camp Lejeune litigants. He takes 25% opposed to 40% most firms charge. He is smaller so more attention to detail. He called me personally and explained the questions I had. I was impressed and am considering signing with him. Anybody know of this law firm or any reason why I shouldn't go ahead and get the ball rolling?

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For VETERANS law, I recommend selecting one from the NOVA (National Associan of Veterans Advocates) list:


Since I did not see their name on the list, my advice is USE CAUTION.  

I dont like the 40 percent much, either.  VA has strict control over Vets attorney compensation.  They say it has to be "reasonable".  Pretty much 20 percent is "reasonable".  Anything over 20, will mean the attorney has to "justify" this with things like its an exceptionally complex case.  I really have not heard over 35 percent, ever being awarded.  30 percent is tough.  The attorney will have to document his hours.  The fact he is asking 40 percent suggests he really is not experienced in Veterans law.  

CCK law is huge, well known, and those lawyers "wrote the book" on VA SMC.  

Ken CArpenter is probably the best of the best.  He has won millions and millions for Vets (well so has CCK law).  

I have used Attig Steele (recommended).  

Hill and Ponton:  Recommended.  

Bergman and Moore Recommended.  

All of the ones mentioned have significant VEterans law experience.  

One way:  You can search CAVC case law by attorney name.  You can see how many times he represented Vets at the CAVC, and, the outcomes.  

ONE alternative to attorney rep:

Just apply, use a VSO if you like.  If denied, your VSO can help you at the BVA..  BUT if denied at the BVA, then get a lawyer.  The good news:  If you hire a lawyer at the CAVC, your fees will almost certainly be paid by EAJA not you.  

The VA does not allow attorney representation "until/unless" you have at least one denial from VA.  No new claims.  

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Thanks for the response, but you don't seem to know what I'm up against. Not interested in SMC. Or BVA, CAVC. The Camp Lejeune lawsuit is a civil suite. As such I can't use a VSO. From what I understand, the VA is not involved, except to possibly offset any award. I was also told Ed Bell of Bell Legal Group in South Carolina wrote the Camp Lejeune Justice Act. It's a large and reputable lawfirm. As for charging 40%, maybe they can get away with it since it's not VA and the same rules don't apply. That seems to be the going rate for all attorneys. I bet the ones you listed charge that. Except the one in Alabama. At any rate, time is running out for me to make a decision.

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