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Questions Re: Postings on VA website under "Your VA Payments"

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In the past I have not usually checked under my "payment history."  I was looking for information regarding my rating on the 19th. What I saw was the information for the May 1 payment and on the 19th, they listed all the usual info, amount, type, method, bank and account. However, under "Date" they put in "N/A".

DOES THE VA USUALLY POST PAYMENT INFO 13 DAYS AHEAD OF TIME?? Or might this indicate a typical VA employee ran out of toes to count when figuring out back pay and he needed to play with the current amount??

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8 hours ago, Otrgypsy said:

However, under "Date" they put in "N/A".

This is typical or normal, because there are so many veterans collecting compensation pay, the VA cannot wait to the last minute. It should also say something like (recurring) meaning it is the regular amount that will/would be deposited in your account. Some banks may actually post to your account a few days earlier because they know that it is a regular direct deposit. 

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As far as "payment history" in ebenefits, my personal experience has been "I see the history" after my bank notifies me of payment.  It did not work for me as a predictor of future payments/amounts.  

If you are trying to guestimate


a) if you got an increase rating or

b). What is your retro..

   ...I have not had good luck predicting those with payment history.  

Instead, try "letters" in ebenefits/va.gov, and/or they tell me you can now download an actual copy of the decision, sometimes before it arrives by snail mail.  

The effective date in "letters" may help you, but, understand, the "effective date" according to "letters" is the date of the last cola increase, not necessarily how much you will get.  

In all cases, I suggest "checking up on VA".  Use a retro calculator, once you have the percentage and effective dates, and use the numbers to see if your retro is correct.  

Remember, if your effective date is May 22, 2023, it will be effective the first of the month "following" the effective date, in this instance you should get paid for the month of June, on/about June 1.  No pay for May.  Many Vets make this mistake when calculating retro...they often have one too many months, and sometimes "2" too many months.  

The reason for this is compensation is paid in arrears, not in advance, like rent.  So, June's payment will be for May.  Further, there is no "pro rata" of the days, you either get the full month or none.  Thus, its the first day of the month following your effective date.  

And, of course, if you are figuring retro, you have to deduct monies already received.  So, if you were 80 percent and got increased to 100 percent, you will have to deduct the 80 percent you already received for each month.  

If you dispute the effective date, file an appeal.  

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The N/A and the recurring deposit comes up anywhere between two weeks to a few days before deposit. As sated the funds comes up but not released due to the uploading of the system. Just try to imagine that the VA has to send a message to the treasury and the treasury has to either add new veterans, delete some veterans and even change some compensation amounts due to increases and or decreases in recurrent new monthly deposits. If you don't want to believe me, just take a look at your payment history for the next few months. The best time to look/check is sometime after the 15th of each month. There is also a short month due to the holiday even though it is a few days before payday. Typically, the upload may have to be done in cycles. Also check around the first payday, the N/A will actually have a date. 

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