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C&P exam for hypertension

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They scheduled me for a C&P exam after I filed a pact act claim.. The examiner stated Hep C was cured. I am 100% for hep c. I informed the examiner that the side effects of interferon continues.  Also, hypertension was discussed. The results were in normal range. Hep C is controlled with two medications. 

The pact act claim prompted the C&P. Serious spikes in Blood pressure has resulted in frequent visits to ER.  Hep C and sleep apnea was added to my claim afte

I would appreciate information and clarification.  Thank You


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Unfortunately, yes, many c and p docs have a "bad attitude".  But, dont let their bad attitude "infect" you.  BA is not infectious unless you allow it.  

Suggesting "because your HEP C is cured" you dont deserve additional benefits is, well, a bad attitude.  While there are some newer drugs which are effective at helping Hep C, as you pointed out, its not the same as "never having had" hep c.  

As an example, "Heck, Mr. Veteran, why do you need disability for your missing leg lost in an IED explosion in Iraq?  After all we replaced your leg with a wooden one, and you seem to be doing just fine on a wooden leg, so what makes you think you deserve benefits for losing your leg?"  

This not too far fetched example highlights the fact that many disabilities are "largely invisible".  Carbon Monoxide is a colorless oderless gas, so it wont hurt you right?  Nope, its fatal if you get too much.  Just because your disability is "invisible" does not mean it does not affect you.  Sure, your friends or acquaintences may not be able to "see" you have Hep C, but this does not mean you do not have to make allowances for the disease, or suffer its symptoms.  

"Invisible" disabilities often include:

PTSD/depression/other mental health disorders.  Most people dont suffer symptoms of PTSD 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days each year.  In fact most of us have "good days" or bad days.  When everything is going great, at your grandson's birthday party, people may not know you have PTSD..you are having a great day, and a great time.  They may not know that you awoke last nite from a nightmare, where you were again a prisoner of war, and you woke up and nearly killed your wife, thinking she was the enemy.  

I even see it with hearing loss, often.  Yes, when I am nearby someone who has a very strong, bold voice, I can read lips and respond well enough "sometimes" that others may not know of my hearing loss.  But this is not life.  People talk to us with their back turned, often in noisey environments, such as a busy resteraunt, and I miss most if not every word of what was said.  Inside, noisey fan blowers, or people carrying on multiple conversations around me drown out the sounds so I hear very little if any of what was said.  Outside is no better, most places have traffic noise..except maybe in the boondocks where there are no people present, but I dont even hear the birds.  I recall when I was young, how crickets drove me crazy all night.  Not any more.  The crickets must have all died since I hear none of them.  The hard of hearing, like myself, are often confused with "deaf" people who may not even hear a gunshot, but they may feel the pressure and vibration, some times caused with weapon discharge.  

Dont let people you know "diagnose" your hearing loss, your mental illness, or your hep c...even if they are a doctor.  Qualified medical personel have already diagnosed your invisible ailments, and know that you suffer symptoms.  Did this c and p examiner "ask" if you had symptoms of hep c?  Was he an expert at diagnosing and treating hep c?  Probably not.  If he was, he would know you still have symptoms, even with treatment.  

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From 1985 thru 1991 the VA C&P examiners for my Nam PTSD were hateful, snide, snarky and over the top biased against Vietnam combat vets.  When I complained to Congressmen and Senators about this hateful disparate treatment toward me and other Nam vets the response of the Temple, TX VA shrinks was they were only checking our reaction to stress by their hateful attitude.  This of course is BS, chicken chit and the bast***** are all dead now while I still fish and camp thank you.

Some of the SOBs were private contract pukes allowed to wear the VA white coats, etc. Some were Texas A&M doctors (fascist) and some actual VA scum. One examiner kept a hand gun in his top desk drawer and showed it to me as a bullying tactic.

The son of one of the lousy shrinks was murdered in a drug deal and the suspect never caught.  His mother was also a Temple VA shrink who moved to Africa to take care of local babies. HA!!!

Recent (last 5 years) biased and racist VA C&P exam puke in N Nevada has issued negative opinions against several major claims I filed for Sleep Apnea due to PTSD, Increase in heart disease, etc. and in both cases on appeal to the BVA the judges in their decision stated his negative opinions were defective, deficient and without merit and I was awarded by the BVA 50% for OSA Sleep Apnea and 60% for Agent Orange IHD/CAD Ischemic heart disease.  Thank you BVA.  This VA biased examiner puke never allowed me to answer any of his questions and already made his decision before I entered the room.

None of the LHI or QTC C&P examiners have ever been rude, hateful or snide toward me but only the lousy union VA/government puke examiners.  He falsely claims he was an Army doctor.combinedphotoofWOPerkinsinUH-1HdustoffandUpliftDustoff.jpg.3a1cba1b94292e66165bdd46db80653c.jpg



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