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Caregiver and eligibility of Veteran



Hello all!

I haven’t had the need to post here in a long time, but it sure was helpful then. 

My husband is 100% PTSD disabled. Now he is diagnosed with a dementia. I read that Vietnam vets are twice as likely to develop dementia, however it is not now on the list of presumptive diseases, as was his prostate cancer…

Multi-infarct, vascular dementia is suspected—MRI pending. He also has obstructive sleep apnea and REM sleep disorder related to the PTSD. All pointing to cause of dementia. 

Can someone tell me about receiving caregiver compensation. He can no longer drive and forgets to do some of his self cares. 

I have been to the VA caregiver site, but wonder if this sounds like a situation for eligibility. 

Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you. 

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I would definitely apply. From my understanding that he is already 100 percent p/t for ptsd I wouldn’t worry about the dementia claim. However I could be wrong and that is something you want to go for. There are additional benefits as far as SMC s housebound, aide and attendance or you could get paid as his caretaker. I’m a little I unframilar with the care taker program and a&a program as I have never needed it. I’m sure others with chime in tomorrow. 

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He should apply for aid and attendance.  You can do that for him.  It often triggers a c and p exam, if he cant make it ask them for one at home when they call.  If he is awarded A and A it wil be added to his check.  

     If he has dimentia then he probably cant manage his finances, so you likely do that for him and it does not sound like that would be a problem.  

    Yes, you or any relative can provide a and a, and he still be compensated.  It does not matter if its a relative giving care.  

     In addition, there is also a caretaker program.  I am not all that familiar with it.  Start by reading here:


     Remember, there is 2, so apply for both: SMC L (aid and attendance) 

and. the caregiver program, linked above. 







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You can download the form and find more information about it here:

https://www.va.gov/pension/aid-attendance-housebound/#:~:text=Fill out VA Form 21,out the examination information section.

You can also find the rate here:


Smc rates INCLUDE your 100 percent and are not in addition to it.  Exception SMC K which is in addition to your other pay.  

It looks like SMC L is 4708 per month (2023 numbers, should go up 3.2% in 2024).  (married vets).  

If you subtract your 100 percent comp If I looked at the rate tables right, a married vet with 100 percent is 3823.  My math says that is a bump of about $885 per month if awareded smc L.  Of course this depends on dependents, other smc etc.  

If, instead of A and A, (SMC L) va awards you SMC S, instead, then your bump up should be about $432.17 for 2023 or 445.99 per month extra in 2024.  (My numbers may be off a bit due to rounding.  )

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Thank you for this information. I applied yesterday and got a call last night! Assessment appointments schedule for this morning! FAST response. 🙂

I messed up my name on application—dang middle/maiden name! I’ll never do that again. 

The nice lady is going to try to fix it or else I need to haul every single ID document an hour+ away to fix my stupid error. 

Easy access to documents, so I’m ready. Anyway, thank you. Help is on the way. 



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