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"Active Surveillance" for Low Grade Prostate Cancer

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Max Rommel


Prostate Cancer is an Agent Orange presumptive illness. My neighbor (a Vietnam vet) was diagnosed with prostate cancer and his urologist has him on "active surveillance." Consequently, he is not getting treatment yet. Instead, he has frequent tests, with surgery or radiation postponed until the disease warrants more aggressive measures. The VA placed the vet on 100% disability. He wonders, "Will the VA keep him at 100% while he remains on active surveillance?"

My understanding is that the answer is yes. But I wanted to ask vets on this forum for their input.

Thanks in advance for your advice!



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3 answers to this question

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My assumption would be yes if it is not in remission but I’m sure others will chime in to help.

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I have read posts from Vets who were diagnosed with prostate cancer who were at first rated 100 percent.  Then, if the surgery/treatment is successful, and there are few, if any, symptoms, they are reduced.  Often the VA makes those ratings "convalescent" or temporary.  

The Veteran should read his/her decision to find out if he was rated P and T, or Temporary.  

Sometimes, VA writes things "in VA lingo" that most of us dont understand.  

For example, if your decision states something close to:

"No new exams are scheduled, and/or benefits for Chapter 35 are established" this is code words for P and T.  

It seems many things require P and T, but often the decision instead use "code words".  Its frustrating.  

If you print out an ebenefits letter, it will likely state whether or not your condtions are considered permanent, but those are sometimes in "code" also.  

Convalescent ratings (aka temporary) are often if you have some type of major surgery, such as prostate cancer removal.  In this example you are often given a year  to recover, and a 100 percent temp rating.  

After a year, or sometimes more, your doctor may state you are relatively symptom free, and your temp rating will likely be reduced.  The "protections" do not apply to temporary ratings.  

My advice is to get your medical file, read what your doctor has said, and read/reread your decision to find out if you are temp or permanent.  

If you are P and T, then you have little to worry about.  If, however, this is temp, then you need to make some plans on what you plan on doing after a year such as going to work, starting a business, etc.  

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brocovet is again spot on correct.  Even if his cancer is eventually fully cured he should still receive at least a service connected rating of 0% which can be very useful. 

My comment is not legal advice as I am not a lawyer, paralegal or VSO.

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