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Focused ultrasound for essential tremor treatment

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I'm searching for where to go for Neuravive Treatment. I remember seeing it available through the VA in several states but I can't find the information on the Web. Community Health has denied my request for treatment at the Ocean Coast Medical Center in Fountain Valley, California. I'm currently in New Mexico. Any ideas how to find that information?

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1.  First, go to your local VAMC and ask your doctor.  If your VA "does not have neuravive treatment" then they should be able to refer you "to the community" and it could/should be paid by VA, provided that your doctor will sign off on that.  

If this does not work, go to step 2. 

2.  If your doctor balks at sending you a referral for "neuravive treatment", then you can do at least 2 alternatives:

     a.  Ask to change your provider, that is your doctor.  Or if you have been otherwise pleased with your doctor,

     b.  Go to your "office of the administrator", and ask to speak to the administrator about your problem.  

3.  Finally you can try the patient advocate.  Notice I put them last, after the administrator.  You could try them first, also.  

IN MY VAMC, we used to have what I refer to as a "problem solver" at the hospital for Veterans.  This gal knew VAMC inside and out.  She could get appointments when no one else could, and knew every employee in the hospital.  Unfortunately, she retired and I have yet to find out who has taken her place.  But, you can ask other Vets at your hospital and one or more may tell you who to go to when you need to "get er done".  

     To get cooperation from VA employees, always be courteous, even/especially when other VA employees were lazy, rude, clueless, inefficient, not giving a hoot, or too busy to help you, or all of these.  

     Dont try to make "employee B" pay for bad treatment from "employee A".  VA is not a unified body.  Sometimes the teenager method works well:

Teenager method:


The Teenager method is to "go around you".  In other words, if mom says no, ask Dad.  If Dad and mom say no, ask your teacher.  If your mom, dad, and teacher says no, ask the principal.  With VA, you just call another time and chances are you will get an different employee, and ask them the same question you got turned down for from the last VA employee.  You just keep going on until you win, asking different people, in different departments, until you find a Veteran friendly employee.  When you get one, thank them, and go there next time when you need help.  


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My neurologist has submitted the request. Actually, he's the one who brought it up and I planned to go to Ocean Coast Medical Center in January but that location was denied. How to I find an approved facility? The procedure can be done at several locations in the US. States&indication=Essential Tremor&usState=AZ

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Several years ago I was diagnosed with benign essential tremor by a private doctor and receive the Primidone medication from the Va pharmacy for this.  Nothing was ever said to me about the treatment you asked about so I will do some more research on this.  Thanks for asking.combinedphotoofperkinsinsUH-1HDustoffseatwithDustoffatUplift.JPG.84cdfa324db7d8dc51f49c52af63625b.JPG

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The CPT code for the Focused Ultrasound treatment is 0398T. The descriptor is Magnetic resonance image guided high intensity focused ultrasound (MRgFUS), stereotactic ablation lesion, intracranial for movement disorder including stereotactic navigation and frame placement when performed.
When speaking with your insurance provider, offering both the CPT code along with the treatment descriptor will be helpful to them
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