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Screen - Horizontal Bar

Guest unit731

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Guest unit731

Benq FP553 LCD screen/monitor.

Worked perfectly on my XP computer.

I recently got a new screen (larger) for my XP and took the Benq screen and plugged into my Dell ME desktop computer. Never had this problem with the XP computer.

Problem: Every page I go to on my ME computer there is a horizontal bar across bottom. In other words the page does not fill up the screen.

When I first plugged in this Benq monitor to ME - some box came up to find drivers (I think) automatically for screen. Screen stated found and monitor works perfectly except for the horizontal bar on bottom.

I have tried every button on monitor. Nothing changes the horizontal bar.

On the ME Dell, I went to start, settings, control panel, display, settings and found:

Display: Benq FP553 on Nvidia TNT2M64 4XAGP. Below this on left it says: True color 32 bit and on right it says: Less More with a button that is all the way left and below this states: 640 x 480 pixels. I have tried and tried to change this but no matter what combination I pick it always comes back to what is stated above. I don't even know if this is what I am looking to change. I even went to Benq and downloaded the driver for this monitor but the ME states that the driver already installed is the best. That is as far as I have gotten.

The bottom line is I am trying to eliminate the horizontal bar on bottom of all web pages and fill up screen with content.

Anyone know what I am missing? Or how to get rid of the horizontal bar across bottom?

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  • In Memoriam

It could be the refresh rate. Find out the frequency of the monitor. 60, 65, 72, 75, 85. Make sure the monitor is on the right frequency. As I remember it is Control Panel ---Display ---settings ---advanced ---monitor tab the frequency in Hertz should be in the box. This frequency should match your monitor.

Example (mine is) (60 Hertz) It will say on the back of the monitor, on the model tag) what the Hertz are.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

The combination of Dell and Windows ME is enough to louse up anybody's day. The Acer (old name for BenQ) monitor really has nothing to do with it. The display is controlled by the graphics card (or chip if no card). If you have NVidia, you should have a fairly decent card.

The correct place to modify your display settings is the desktop. Right click on any empty part of the desktop, then click on Properties (at the bottom of the drop down menu). This will bring up a screen called Display Properties. There are several tabs, click on the right hand one, Settings, and that will bring up a screen showing your current settings.

You will see a slider bar, where you can adjust the size(resolution of the screen), and a color control drop down. You can also click on advanced and go to the General tab, where you should ensure that the check box to Adjust without restart (the center check at the bottom of the screen) is checked.

Then go to the monitor tab and be sure that the box is checked for 'Hide modes that this monitor cannot display' is checked. You can then check to see what Hertz your monitor can handle. It has NOTHING to do with the GHz rating on the back of the cabinet.

You can then go to the Adapter tab, and look at 'Display all modes' this will give you all the modes and color settings that your card and monitor can handle. For normal use 16 bit color is quite acceptable, although many think that 32bit is needed for accurate color rendition. Since the BenQ is an LCD, it should have a designated 'native' mode, which is the best size to operate at. The difference in your picture size is mainly because it is working on a different video card.

For the sake of your eyes, you should try to run at 70 Herz or higher, but without going any higher than you have to. 72 or 75 Herz is ideal for most people. The handbook for the monitor should provide the 'native' resolution, or it may be on the back of the monitor. The handbook should also povide instructions for the use of the sizing controls to adjust the fit of the picture to the screen.

Good luck.

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  • In Memoriam

You can damage your monitor if you do not run your monitor within prescribed limits. I have been building comps since 1983, and maybe this has changed over the years. I have an open mind and appreciate the new knowledge of my fellow veterans. Expert opinions are always welcome any time.


I had a Nvidia TNT2 card. I think I sent it to Michael Harris about a year ago. It sounds to my like you are running at the lowest (VGA-Standard) graphics level. I could not change my graphics screen resolution until I was running at the proper refresh rate and I was running the Nvidia program that came with the card. Nvidia has its own program that works with the card. It could be a proprietary issue--I don't know. There are many ways to alter the settings.

TNT2 has an internet site that comes with the TNT2 card program disk. This program connects to the maintence site, and the program installs the proper driver. This program will also flash the bios of the card. Maybe the XP drivers are more current than the ME drivers

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Guest unit731

"adjust without restart"

All I have is 3 boxes to check or uncheck.

- Monitor is Energy Compliant

- Automatically detect Plug & Play monitors

- Reset display on Suspend/Resume

The Herz is set to automatic. I changed it but nothing changed the horizontal bar.

As stated above/below there is a dial that can be changed under Settings : Screen Size. The bar is all the way to left and is 640x480 and will not change no matter how much I try. I can move the bar to the right (more) but after I click apply it goes back to the left.

Is this a monitor problem or a computer problem. If it is a computer problem, where or what component needs to be replaced?

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  • HadIt.com Elder

This is one of the more complex problems in the world of personal computers.

When you make changes in the area of graphics, whether the card, or the monitor, the USUAL thing to do first, is to set your graphics to VGA Standard. This should be done BEFORE you remove the card from the old board, for some of the older graphics card.

When the graphics card is not being changed, only the monitor, it is usually not required to change the card to VGA standard, but personally I think it is best to do so.

From then on, whichever is the case, it becomes a matter of the drivers for the card and the monitor being compatable and able to communicate. I would suggest that you use something like "Everest" (free software) to determine the exact specifics of both card and monitor, and then search for drivers for both.

I stayed away from ME, which is generally considered MS's worst OS since DOS 2.0, so really cannot give anything but general advice. You will really need card and monitor specifics to get the right drivers.

Good luck.

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