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    • Good luck. Sometimes you have to appeal. Good luck as I have had good luck on appeals. I would get an Independent Medical Opinion.
    • I had a C & P done recently., which was outsourced and not done at a VA facility.  When I called the toll free number, they told me that I need to make a written FOIA request.  They also said that the results of the exam have already been uploaded.  I would like to get my copy of the results as soon as possible and would drive down to the St. Petersburg Office to get them, but I am not getting any results trying to find out where the Release of Information Office is in St. Petersburg.  Your thoughts are appreciated.   Thank you.
    • The PTSD Forensic C & P Dr is required to be a Psychiatrist or Psychologist PhD, VA or contract Dr. The C & P exam is now based on the DSM V criteria. GAF's are no longer a significant rating component.  Keep in mind, prior PCP or Psychiatrist/Psychologist's non Forensic DX of PTSD is Trumped by the C & P Psychiatrist/Psychologist PHD's Forensic DX. The C & P Dr opined regarding Depression & Borderline Personality disorder, if Evidence of Record is currently in your C-File, a possible SC for either of those MH conditions is possible. As to your existing SA DX being SC'd Secondary to a PTSD DX, which you don't currently have, chances are slim & None. Per a Hadit posting this am, recent C & P Dr posted in the Vet's DBQ current Medical/ Scientific Articles indicating that PTSD doesn't cause SA, it's actually the other way around, SC SA can result in a Secondary SC for PTSD. Very Interesting! There are a great number of Elderly and not so Elderly SC PTSD Vets that have filed claims for recently DX SA as Secondary to their long standing PTSD SC's. This "New" SA research could be very problematic for their SA Secondary claims. Semper Fi  
    • He He... Unfortunately I sure have no contact with him as he not only quit his Vet rep job suddenly after I filed a 43 page complaint with the VA General Counsel on a  bunch of reps to include him,and including  their state director, who were giving out very inaccurate advice .He left town also They are all gone. It started with my VCAA letter and my 2003 DMII claim. The VCAA letter was illegal.Two reps and their state director said I was wrong.in writing! The BVA agreed with me, it was inappropriate in every way but BVA stated  I mitigated the damages with evidence to support my claim, sent with the claim but ignored by the VARO and awarded. So it took 6 years to an award but I hope their replacements  learned not to mess around with widows or defy the VCAA.I have no idea how many vet claims they messed up on.
    • Strictly a Lay opinion here, based on that C & P PTSD DBQ Dr's opinions and your responses, your definitely Fracked up. You definitely have MH issues that need treatment but I think a PTSD Award is currently off the table. Your still a Cop, carrying a gun, right? With your current MH State of Mind and continued Alcohol Abuse, I personally think you pose a threat to Civilians, other Officers and lastly yourself. You should get in front of this with your Dept, discuss your MH problems with you Dept's MH Dept. You can do desk work, give up the gun and continue earning a living. Your currently a potential Disaster, waiting to happen. Nobody, especially an "innocent Victim," wants to be the subject of a Police shooting, especially where the Officer has a Documented Medical MH Deficit History. I would be very surprised, if the VA isn't required to notify your Dept regarding your MH DX. regardless of patient privacy Laws. Semper Fi


Why Is Your Claim Taking So Long?

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Probably half the posts here involve "how long does it take"..in some form or other. Just in the past year, the claims over 125 days have MORE THAN DOUBLED. No wonder Vets are upset.


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The excuses I have heard is the recent presumptive conditions related to AO exposure and the Nehmer Effect that would give these Veterans head of the line status.


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The VA always has excuses. The facts are the VA is really what Congress and President want for Veterans. At least the Court straightens things out when it is to unbalanced.

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