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  1. RDT

    Have had metal in my left shoulder from Vietnam that just started causing me pain 24/7. I had a c&p and was told that pain in not a disability and they gave a 0 rating.

    Any thoughts.?

    Blessing RAY

  2. Still no answer from all the parties I contacted. Return recipients shows the claim was received. Mare Island was the last location that the claim was mailed to. Where do I go from here when no one from the VA will respond.? DAV said I will not hear on the claim for a year and placed the claim in a file. HadIt.com Elder 2,862 25,257 posts Location:Beautiful hills of NY andwidow of 2 vets, 2 HD each and mother of USAF vet-my daughter, 7 years Top Secret Intel Interests:tactical warfare student- AMU gardening fishing Oriental home design organic cleaning tips Capt Adoph Von Shell-interested in any info at all! German Commander (WWI)lectured to the US Army after the war on warfare-- PTSD - tactics etc-and Leadership The Pullers-Chesty and Lewis (USMC) chocolate brownies anything at all regarding Vietnam the failure of the Maginot Line (WWII) Trench warfare anything amphibious Led Zepplin, Bob Dylan, Sting, Al Green, Mozart, Classical guitar,Moog synthesizer, Eminem,Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson, Teddy Pendergast, Mongo Santamaria, Cal Tjader, Miles Davis, AmerIndian battle chants, Hendrix,etc etc etc Pho and nuc mam dinners Report post Posted December 18, 2017 I guess you feel you meet this criteria and the limiting date for application for reimbursement: https://www.va.gov/healthbenefits/resources/publications/IB10-447_reimbursement_of_non_va_med_exp.pdf The pdf states: "Contact your local VA health care facility’s non-VA medical care office or VA at 1-877-222-VETS (8387)." I googled Mare Island, fee base, reimbursement etc etc and could not determine if this is a VA health care facility with a non VA med care office. Quote Options GRADUATE ! Nov 2nd 2007 American Military University ! When thousands of Americans faced annihilation in the 1800s Chief Osceola's response to his people, the Seminoles, was simply "They(the US Army)have guns, but so do we." Sameo to us -They (VA) have 38 CFR ,38 USC, and M21-1- but so do we.
  3. Hi Berta. Thank You for the information. They have told me to mail the claim to over three location. Not sure at this point as it is a different location each time I call I will try again after the first of the year. Merry Christmas and may God bless you in all your day. Sincerely Ray
  4. Merry Christmas I received a notice from VA the my IHD/ Agent Orange was tied by to my open heart surgery in 1998 (I was 49 years old) I had Blue Cross Insurance that paid most of the bills. I still had out of pocket over $30,000 that I sent to Mare Island CA.fee base claim processing. I sent all the billing I could located, but not able to get the copies of payments as the banks don’t have the records back 20 years. The claim and documents were sent certified two months ago. I have not received any communication from the VA and was wondering if this in normal. I contacted the DAV and they said it could take a year to hear back. Any suggestions or help on claim appreciated Sincerely RDT
  5. RDT

    Ihd & Aaa

    If you have IHD and AAA are they all part of heart disease for compensation? I am 100% P&T from Agent Orange and IHD,but have many other disabilites due to Agent Orange and my service I think it is up to over 250% now. Thanks RDT
  6. If you are 100% P&T and have ED, what is the SMC amount? The C&P was completed in 2010 and shows ED.At that time I was 100% IU. Received P&T from Agent Orange in 01/2011 Thanks & Happy New Year. RDT
  7. RDT

    Nehmir Review

    Hi, The responds was from the Attorney with NVLSP that look at my Nehmir retro decision. RDT
  8. RDT

    Nehmir Review

    Thanks for the respond. I did file an appeal on there decision. They based there retro decision on medical from 2008/2009(paid retro 10%) and disreguarded the medical evident from 2000 and 2011,(should have paid retro at 60%). Using the 2008/2009 there were able to pay the retro at 10% and not at 60%. I will not go away and will fight for what is due. RDT
  9. RDT

    Nehmir Review

    Received this email today and wanted to see if there was another option. I believe the retro amount was wrong. Unfortunately, the Court's Orders only permit NVLSP to complain to the Nehmer Court about certain issues, such as the effective date assigned by the VA. Issues including the accuracy of the rating percentage assigned by the VA are outside the Nehmer Court's authority, and thus beyond the scope of NVLSP's representation. However, the rating percentage can be challenged through the normal VA appeal process (filing a Notice of Disagreement, submitting a Substantive Appeal, etc.) with the assistance of your VSO RDT
  10. RDT

    Nehmir Claim

    Received a decision on my Nehmir claim last week. It was infered back to the year 2000. The paid retro at 10% which I am filing a NOD, due that my injection fraction was 48%. Send decision to NVLSP for there review. They granted 100% for IHD from 01-2011 They granted SMC from 01-2011 Has taken 12 years. Great to see that Vietnam Vet are being taken care of. RDT
  11. This is the VA decision; I filed a claim in the year 2000 for my heart,which they say is an inferred claim under Nehmir, They made there decision on retro benifits based on medical testing from 2008/2009 =10% The medical evidents when the claim was filed showed 48% LVL and test in 2010/2011 showed 50 % LVL. They awarded 100% starting in 2011 and said this was a full grant even when the retro was based on 10%. I will be sending the decision to NVSLp for there review. RDT
  12. RDT

    Cue Agent Orange

    My 40% in 2000 was for chronic low back syndrome. It was increased to 50% in 2003. Not sure how the bylateral factor work on this. Thanks Ray
  13. RDT

    Cue Agent Orange

    Than You for the responds. The 2 C&P were by nnew Nurse and lasted about 20 minutes. That is why I disputed them and when they scheduled the new C&P in Janurary 2011 it shower the correct LVL and METS, which matched in 2000. As you can see in the decision the VA stated the LVL was 48% in 2000. I will file a NOD. I will keep searching here on the site to see if I can find how they apply medical evidents on a claim that is 11 years old. Thanks for your advise and any other input would be great. Ray
  14. I have attached the VA decision for review. I would think that if you file a claim, it would be based on the medical evidents for that year. Nehmir Case. Any help on how to proceed would be great. I just think that the 48 % LVL in 2000,documented in there decision should rate 60% and not 10% . They based the 10% on a C&P from 2009 for the lease to pay out retro. Thanks Ray Hadit.pdf Hadit1.pdf
  15. I had a decision on a claim that went back to 2000. The VA based there decision on 2 C&P from 2009 & 2010. The medical records match from the year 2000 (LVL @ 48%) and the year 2011 (LVL @ 50%) Should not there decision be based on the medical evidents in the year 2000 if they are making an award from the claim. They awarded 100% based on the current year 2011 and only 10% for the retro year 2000. Seem wrong to me Is there any reference on when they apply the evidents and would this be a CUE claim Any help would be great Thanks
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