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  1. Found more info about new rating... Says my claims are considered total and permanent, and I think I also got some smc or something. Because I'm getting $3714 any ideas? Also they said they sent me a dwvelopent letter what's that mean? And do I get insurance for dependants now? And can I work
  2. Not Sure yet letter from day just said combined but after looking on the internet I found that multiple sclerosis is considered p&t. So I'm guessing p&t. I saw other vets with combined 100% and got pt
  3. Thank you for the info. Unfortunately due to memory problems basically I can't retain anything new as far as education goes. I can't even hold a convo without repeating my self cause I forgot I just told the person the same thing 2 min ago. Stuff comes out but nothing new stays in :(. As far as severity I use a Cain for short periods of walking but for like stores or going to the park with my baby I have to use a scooter the va issued me cause I can't stand for long periods. As far as work I'm not Sure my last employer saw me as a liability but as a political favor for one of my in laws they kept me hired until this claim is final :) thankfully lol. I have lost the lateral gaze on left and right sides all I get is diploma due to sixth nerve palsy and optic neuritous scaring... Diplopia not
  4. Just got a letter from vso stating they just reviewed my claim that is pending notificaton. And the va took favorable actions on my claim and a combined rating of 100% has been assigned. I was given a differed rating of 30% in 2011, so now I need to get the ball anrolling as of what benefits I get because my wife is currently in the hoapital. My questions are as fallows... 1. Do I get insurance for dependants and how do I start it? 2. Is there any special benefits for 100%? 3. Any stipulations regarding still working? I've looked and I get mixed responses.. 4. Do I still pay co-pays on va meds and apps? 5. Pretty much what do I do now lol I'm 29 and have multiple sclerosis and I don't know any local vet friends that are 100% to talk about what's next
  5. Welcome to hadit. Their are many programs and benefits out there for you. The va claims process is a long and rough road. My claim was filed sept 2010 got a differed rating in Dec. 2011. I'm still pending all differed items.... Many vets on here have had claims lasting 5 yrs and such. All you can do is wait. You can request to expedite the claim some people will tell you you can not do this w/o financial hardship I.e. repo of car or utilities being shut off. This is not entirely true. I filed a request to expedite just telling them to hurry they heck up and they sent my claim to what is called in my regional office a special ops team. These are people who can make on the spot rating decisions to help with the claimant backlogs. Or I. Tour case request for financial hardship. But don't get your hopes set to high just because they expedite it doesnt mean it will Definetly move faster, just that it might. Also did you submit your claims with any evidence or just your word of mouth? Also Do you have a veterans service officer helping with your claim? As for ssdi that is just as rough a road have you filed for food stamps/ unemployment? Ssdi once grant has a 5month holding period in which then on the 6th they will release the funds. You got a long road to go but there are thousands of others walking down that path with you.. remember your not alone and keep hanging in there!
  6. My claim was started back in Sept 2010 I got a differed rating in Dec 2011. I got told today that the claim is pending decision approval... Here's the problem... I got a letter stating they were going to schedule more arc exam which they did... For July 30.. how was a decision made but qtc exams still be scheduled? I know what your thinking... They differed a second time.. but the va stated the decision was for all items claimed not just a couple. Has anyone been this before and what's this mean Ty.
  7. Qtc just called me this morning to say that all 9 of my appts have been cancelled because the va failed to provide my medical records within 7-9 days of their request... Even thou today was the 17th day lol. Due to all my appts being in my same pay peroid i cannot reverse my leave days at this point and now im at 0 days. I was wondering if anyone has had this same problem and how long did it take to get rescheduled.
  8. Thank you for info. Sorry for all the mispellings my m.s. is bad today. And by letter for rec. Do you mean a nod or is it different?
  9. Hello all, I filed a claim with my wifes info on the original claim on sept. 2010. On dec.2011 i was awarded 30%, in the award letter it stated they needed more info for my wife. Sine my original claim i had a baby so i submmited the dependant paper work all over again dec. 24 2011. I got a letter today stateing i won the drpendant claim but the effective date is dec. 1 2011. My question is shoulf i have gotten retro for all the way back to my original date of sept 2010 since the dependant letter was a response to the "need more info" or is this a cue that thedidnt catch that this was not a new claim for dependancy but a response to the award letter. And now they only want to pay back to the day they gpt the new dependant info?
  10. Ok i was contacted by the va in regards to this.. the va s.o. has nothing to do with secret squirel stuff lol every va has one of these teams they are just called different things. In houston office its a team of ops supervisors who can expite or investigate prolonged claims and can even give rateings.
  11. Hey all its me again lol. My claim is at the houston office for18 months now and the 1800 number told me my claim is with the special operations processing team. Yet no one at the 1800 number knew what that means and they told me to call the regional office to find out but when you call them it redirects you back to the 1800 number.... My question is does anyone know what the "special operations claims processing team" is exacttly?? I was told this is not the regular processing team thou.
  12. I have a claim with the houston varo. It took me 14 months to get a differed rateing of 30% for multiple sclerosis. I was told by the rater i shpuld have exams in a few weeks for the rest of my items. 3 months have past with no responses from them there have been several iris sent out that are over 3 months old with no response. They forwarded the iris's to a coach two different times and they wont even respond ti them lol. I contacted my dav national office and they physically went to check my claim and had gotten the run around as well. My claim for depentants has still not been addressed as well... Im at a loss and im not sure what else to do all i need is exams and thats it. If they dont respond to me,their own people, or the dav national rep who would they???
  13. Update on my defered rateing.. they gave me sc@30% for the ms but then put two of my scondaries as part of it i.e. neurological symptoms. Then on all my other secondaries they put the word new in " s dors that mean they are saying its not secondary? But on a good note the rso i spoke with kept her word lol i got mt back pay before christmas... Even though it was short two dependants... I even got it before my award letter!
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