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  1. Welcome to the Top of the Mountain Solider..... Sit down relax and enjoy the view, the air is fine, and the wind is soft. Watch the birds, smell the tree's and see the bee's. it's your world ! There is no Rush.... You set the schedule and you set the pace.. Soldier you won the Race ! Congrats RLWT
  2. Kimmy ....../ It would not surprise me if your husband got 100% Excellent Job. kept us posted on the award.. Send in to the RO additional evidence showing the medication order. That should and will be considered by the claims/rater handling your husbands case !
  3. Check and copy your PTSD C&P exam.. if you have 70%, you may be able to quote statements from there showing your unemployable issues.. It's in your C-file. Also those other issues about the knee's remember and look for weightbearing ability, structural deformation, slippage, non alingement etc use those wording from the C&P exams.. Get a statement from the IRS regarding your last employer and taxes paid, use that info to justify your employment break from the workforce. VA is going to run you through the IRS and Social Security Admin to check your workforce activity. Just make sure the dates match that of what you are claiming time wise when you left the work force ! Call the IRS and an agent will help you call Social security Admin an agent will assist you It's easy Good Luck
  4. Congratulations, I would adjust your living standard within 3000 a month or what ever you receive if P&T 100 %. Work as long as possible and save the money from the job. Then file for P&T, if you get it great quit working// Figure out how much money you want to save is the first goal then do it. .
  5. Sir, your next step is to file SSD with the social security admin, and get another 1400 a month ! It would be worth your time.. I had a friend 100 % file and receive the award in 4 months without any exams, plus vets are at the top of the list. Check it out ! Good Luck !
  6. Looking for Ranger School Graduates and soldiers who served in Ranger Units

    1. Fco75th25div


      Rangers contact me for membership in the US Army Ranger Association

  7. Carlie the admin Is correct, you have to see the traumatic event, hearing about or feeling the gravity of an event doesn't match PTSD eval standards. I know a lot of veterans personally murdered people, were killed in battles in Vietnam, and can document it all ! That's not PTSD.., it might be a personality order, depression, anxiety, etc I suggest you read Vync comments above Good Luck
  8. Yeah ... Jim. spelled it out to the letter !
  9. If you were released from re-active duty by military doctors read their notes what is the opinion and their stated views on how the condition happen or cause ?? post it on here the documentation, be sure to remove your personal data - ssn, name case file number etc. If the doctor happen to state the condition was caused by something while in service good ! Also if the condition is worsen by your duty or activity while in service and they are releasing you from duty because ! Again you are looking good to establish service connection.qualification In the mean time be sure your pain med's are active and your treatment record from the private doctors are clean, Do they recommend any treatment (PT) or what ? Didi they do a MRI study.. What did they base their opinion on ?... What about devices the knee brace ? Get a consult to VA Ortho Dept and show they your private evaluations ask for meds, knee brace for support and pain management clinic followup Then submit your claim showing active treatment check tittle 38, look under knee ankylosis 4.71 a "The Knee and Leg" go down to 5256, 5257, 5258. 5259, or 5260. Good luck kept posting here
  10. You should find a federally funded transportation program in the area ask the Home Health company that.s doing the visits to you !
  11. Yeah Amg11, is right the EMG is the correct diagnostic test for Radiculopathy.. Basically they can measure nerve response from the spine to the lower extrem... legs etc.
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