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  1. you may still have a problem they dont talk to each other much i was on SDI but had not drawn it for over a year and the still offset my SSDI check It took 4 months to get it corrected. My wife hangs onto everything and I had a statement from my last Check From SDI and thats the only way it was corrected.
  2. I have a bunch of big dog shirts with various sayings on the back I happened to wear the one that said beer me on the back and faced relentless questions about my drinking even though I don't drink. I had two doctor appointments that day and doctor number two would not stop the questions about drinking. First doctor must have put something in there about my shirt.
  3. I have not moved in fact in may I was awarded another claim I was working on. On the appeal form 9 and all that filed in a timely fashion. And yes I don't have a docket number so I will contact the BVA ombudsman.
  4. Been waiting for my claim to be certified and go to the BVA. I was goofing around and found some one mentioned mobile version of ebenifit's went on there and it said BVA has mailed your decision to you and returning my claims file to the RO. What happened hear does this happen very often.
  5. That's the best you got. At least under this pres these guys are not calling and writing home asking there parents to send them bullet proof vest or batteries to operate the equipment. The trucks and track equipment was not up to standards they new it and sent them anyway. The cost of upgrading equipment was more than the cost of human lives so the soldiers lost out.I never seen so much hatred for one man as Obama. They have not let up on him for the past 6 years. I did not vote for him but he is the president and the disrespect is appalling.
  6. There is a new company out there called MSLA just had a C&P with them the other day.
  7. There is more to the story we had a couple of plane crashes one on the base and one off pilot killed off base another flamed out at the end of the runway crashed into a civilian car(F105) with a women and child in the car. could not tell what the car was. Supplied tail numbers and pilot names they did not mention one thing nothing about the stressors just that I had not seen mental health have seen them for depression and chronic pain. Seems like a couple of weekend pilots were falling out of the sky in those F105's at a alarming rate. The pilot that was killed they moved that wreckage to a hanger for an investigation Spent close to two weeks with that wreckage nights even thought the pilot was not with the wreckage he was still there in some sense without getting to vivid. The two civilians that the F105 crashed into survived and so did the pilot but how the civilians survived shear luck.
  8. Filed for PTSD June 2014 got my denial today. Guess I should have read up on it more I was only diagnosed by my pcp and not MH doc. I thought I would at least get a C&P but nope straight to denial. So now I got to get in and see MH for it which I really have been dragging my feet. Now I will see what MH says and hold off on the nod till I get some visits in and file my nod at the latest possible. My SSDI diagnoses PTSD was no help
  9. I got the dreaded cough from that med thought I was going to cough a lung up.
  10. I cant seem to take that first step for treatment of PTSD. As much as I try I just can't seem to make myself do it. I refused treatment in 2008 when my primary doc said she thought I had PTSD and I refused treatment. I guess part of it is I don't want anymore pills so why is it so hard to make that first step. I was in group therapy for depression thought it sucked big time and the counselor never showed have the time or called off group when I was walking out the door to go to group. Is this part of PTSD
  11. It is not just the VA that is cutting off pain meds. Here in CA the work comp system has changed they are using the utilization review system to cut off pain meds and anything else they want to cut. Then you have to go thru the IMR process which is the fox guarding the hen house. I was on 15 mg of ms contain 3 times a day dialed in helps chronic pain some days not enough but had a good quality of life. They cut that off and now flexeril and just got word they cut off my pads for a very expensive rs4i plus machine they paid for a few months back. I guess that will sit on the shelf for awhile collecting dust at 2500.00 dollars. I have had urine test at every appointment with pain management doc's so that is not the problem. I have had two cervical surgeries that have failed and now the want to do my back and I am refusing that one. I have a service connected shoulder injury that I have not needed to get pain meds for because of the non connected injuries. Now it looks like I may not get them thru the VA. I was in a deep depression till I got the right combination of pain meds and I fear going back to that stage.
  12. I requested and received my c file went through it and nothing about it or a couple of other things were not there. I have some records from when I got out why I keep them all these years is beyond me but have a copy of some stuff that did not show up in the c file. I am not so sure I received it all. Not working in law enforcement not an issue. Seems as if as time goes by this issue gets worse for me. Oh and there was a couple of pages of another Vets records in with mine set them back with a note.
  13. Back in May 2008 my PCP said I was positive for PTSD and I denied that I was to avoid meds and the mental health people. She then put in the medical record that I declined further evaluation/ treatment/ and a referral for PTSD which is all true. I was a very young airman at the time and the guy I rode with a lot in missile security I kind of looked up to he took time with me and showing me the ropes. In the middle of the shift he told me he was calling the shift supervisor that he was sick and needed to go home for the day. Okay not a problem. The next day I come in from duty I find out he had went home quietly went into the apartment he shared with his wife took his kids across the street went back in shot his wife in the face 6 times with a 22 pistol with longs she was seeing another airman he reloaded 3 times chasing him through the complex. The final shots was when the airman he was chasing broke into another apt trying to get away and the finals shots took place there. This was all over the news and was the big news for the day. Some one questioned me about it and asked me if I had any idea he was going to do this of coarse I had know idea. Turns out he was planning this thing for awhile. This was back in about 1976 and this thing just keeps coming back to life with me. A lot of times I wonder if they did not let him go home would he have shot me to complete his deal that day. I have pretty much put there names out of my head and the exact date had a visit with a VSO in the past week and she seen it in my records and asked me about it. I broke into tears about it felt like an idiot she said I should file for it and I am considering it. I really hate to see MH about it. I have no idea where in the world to get this information from to back it up. If I remember right he only got 4 years tried as a civilian goof Kansas law. Any ideas
  14. Not well versed on this what all do I need for this hearing. I will take a copy of everything I sent them for reference any advise on this.
  15. As long as the Cpap is used and not put in the closet then I think death is taken of the table.
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