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  1. From the disability retirement considerations page on the OPM website: Your agency must certify that it is unable to accommodate your disabling medical condition in your present position and that it has considered you for any vacant position in the same agency at the same grade or pay level, within the same commuting area, for which you are qualified for reassignment. Head over to your civilian personnel office and ask about reasonable accomodation.
  2. Interesting. I'm in the same boat, Fed police officer - 0083. The VA performed surgery on my left shoulder, but it was failure. Now I can't get signed off by the flight surgeon to continue in my position. DAF is giving me "reasonable accomodation". Have you looked into that at all? I wouldn't want to retire, can't imagine the money being that great.
  3. I have a caveat I wanted to add to the mystery of my claim... post surgery, I asked for fee based therapy, as the place they wanted me to go was 1.5 hours away from my home. The expectation was I make the trip 3 times a week. I immediately asked for the fee-based therapy and the doctor at my post-op said no problem. I waited and waited, finally, in December of 2013 I got an envelope in the mail that was approval for the fee-based therapy. I took the letter straight to the physical therapist, scheduled appointments and FINALLY got the PT thing going. Only ONE problem, at my first appoin
  4. Awesome info from all of you. I guess I have to start my claim process all over again, since regional says I never opened a claim, even though it shows otherwise, and I have the exam letter from January. I am going to try and figure out the 1151 claim thing since they screwed me up. I do have copies of everything too, and will mail everything off certified mail.
  5. It shows my request for increase claim in Ebenefits, and it also shows that it is closed. That is the proof right there. The reps on the phone find it immediately too.
  6. From the flight surgeon's office. The permanent paperwork. Baylis Permanent Medical Restrictions.pdf
  7. Attached is the letter from the VA. Keep in mind this was submitted for evidence, along with the surgery report, and a permanent disability letter from The DoD flight surgeon. I am rated 10% for shoulder sprain and bicep tendonitis, which was a mis-diagnosis. VA letter Jan 20140001.pdf
  8. I got an email this morning, it specifically states they never recieved a claim on my shoulder, but that they will accept an "informal claim", as long as I file by March 4, 2015. I'm livid that I waited and had surgery and post-op and even an exam, to hear that they never recieved my claim. WTF The email came from: D. Dickey Assistant Veterans Service Center Manager
  9. I wrote a NoD, but the manila envelope that came had NO mention of my request to increase the rating on my shoulder. I did have an exam in January, the doctor agreed that my arm was "buggered" even noted the numbness in my hand from the surgery. He also wrote a letter for my employer regarding the failed surgery and that it would be permanent. The only reason I wrote the NoD is because they closed my claim. It was bundled with a tinnitis claim, which I had an exam and got approved for 10% on. When I called the VA, twice, the rep on the phone was surprised and acknowledged that my clai
  10. I did file, and recieve the temp. 100% increase. I did not apply for TDIU (don't know what that is) or SSDI. I will be sending off my NoD this week. My agency is placing me in a desk job as a result of the surgery, which means I lose all overtime, but thankfully I still have a job. Navy04, thank you for your service. Take care of that shoulder after the surgery and be patient! Make sure you focus on your physical therapy and don't skip out on it! As a recipient of three shoulder surgeries, I can attest to the importance of it. I will keep everyone posted in regard to what happens w
  11. Hello everyone... I had service-connected surgery in June of 2014 on my left shoulder. The surgery was a "failure" as my labrum was found grossly unstable and not amenable to repair. I am in law enforcement, but as a result of the bungled surgery and subsequent "cleaning" aka removal of existing scar and muscle tissue that held everything together, my shoulder now is painful and worthless, and the doc won't sign me off to return to duty. To make matters worse, I requested an increase on my rating as the original rating stated I had a shoulder sprain with bicep tendonitis - 10%. The
  12. Thank you for the info... I will check out the "Section 1151" claim and try to use the IRIS system. I was able to get through yesterday to a VA rep at 1-800-827-1000, he told me that the system shows they gathered all the evidence, but inexplicably closed the case without addressing it. The guy figured someone inadvertently closed the claim once the decision was made regarding the tinnitus. He stated to me that he was sending it to my regional office and I will hear from them in 7-10 business days. The surgery DEFINITELY left me worse off than I was, very unfortunate for my family and I.
  13. I joined in 1997 had a subsequent 10 years of shoulder pain after an injury that occurred at my first base. Upon separation, I filed and recieved 10% rating for shoulder impingement and bicep tendonitis. After several visits to the satellite clinic regarding continued shoulder pain, I was finally referred to West Los Angeles where I FINALLY received an MRI looking for the problem. It turned out I had a torn rotator and torn labrum (among other damage). Service connected surgery was scheduled for June of 2013, and I immediately re-opened my claim for increase with this newfound informat
  14. Had service-connected surgery June 28th, filed the paperwork 5 days later. I was placed on convalescent leave for four months recovery, but I'm still waiting for the temp rating of 100% so I can pay bills. My wife and I have squeezed by thankfully, but I need the money. I filed a hardship letter at the L.A. Fed building in the beginning of August but still haven't heard anything. Recommendations???? I'm represented by DAV and they have been particularly worthless. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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