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  1. Hi all. After trying to help my ED with VA prescribed sildenafil for the past 5 years, my VA Medical Doc finally cancelled the script. He has been telling me over the past 5 years that my ED is probably from my ptsd meds. I'm on gabapentin, temazepam, doxepin, and sertraline. I would like to file a claim for loss of reproductive organ on ebenefits. Any thoughts how to proceed? Thank you.
  2. Hi everyone: What if it's a weekend and I'm in an emergency room and the doctor gives me a prescription that I need filled right away? I don't have a prescription plan. I am 100% T&P. How does the VA prescription program operate? Thanks for the info. Mike S.
  3. Hi all: From 8/2002 to 9/2010 I was Total and Permanent at 70% for PTSD TDIU. I filed a claim for Housebound 9/2010 which was denied but the 70% TDIU was raised to 100% Schedular and Total and Permanent. Did this change from 70% TDIU to 100% Schedular cause a break in the Total and Permanent guidelines ( like for CHAMPVA and DIC) ? If not, this August makes 10 years as Total and Permanent. Is this correct? Thanks, Mike S.
  4. Hi all: Can a VA doc do a c&p just by reviewing my records? Thanks Mike S.
  5. Hi all: What is the difference between a C&P and a review? I have a claim for housebound. I received a letter from the VARO that they requested a C&P, and that I should be getting an appointment in the mail from my local VAMC. That was a month and a half ago. Today, the VA Doc who refills my ptsd meds told me that another doctor at the VAMC reviewed my records. I asked her what that meant. She said she did not know. I asked her if I was scheduled for a C&P. She said no. Any ideas as to why a review was done instead of a C&P? Thanks, Mike S.
  6. WorkAHolic: Thanks for giving me a better idea about how e-benefits works. The C&P that was supposed to be scheduled, then cancelled, was for housebound benefits. The problem is that I was denied housebound benefits last year. Then, the C&P was with a nurse who complained to me that the VA C&P for housebound for veterans with 100% PTSD was inadequate because 99% of the exam focuses on aid and assistance for our brothers and sisters who "physically" are restricted to their homes. I had asked the VARO to reconsider their decision due to an error on the part of a VA doc who put into the record that he had made an error. If I don't receive a decision by this March, I will have to file an NOD because March is when my year to appeal runs out. In my humble opinion, veterans with 100% T&P PTSD who file a claim for housebound benefits should be evaluated in a different way than those hurt brothers and sisters whose limitations are more physical than emotional/mental. Your input is greatly appreciated. Mike S.
  7. Hi all: My current claim status on e-benefits shows: "Outpatient treatment records from VAMC added to Virtual VA". What does that mean? Also, my claim status shows that the VARO request for a C&P was made on 12/1/2011 and received on 12/15/2011. I never had a C&P although I received a letter from the VARO advising me that a request had been made from them on 12/1/2011. And, I was never scheduled for one either. What happened to my C&P? My claim status is: Preparation for Decision. Any thoughts? Thanks, Mike S.
  8. Hi all: I submitted a letter of reconsideration July 2011 for the March 2011 denial of SMC Housebound benefits claim that I submitted September 2010. The VARO is now calling it a NEW claim submitted July 2011. I have until March 2012 to file a formal NOD to appeal that March 2011. But now I'm confused. Is a letter of reconsideration a NEW claim? I'll lose almost a year of back pay if they consider the letter of reconsideration a NEW claim. The best the I can figure is the VARO can't process a letter of reconsideration as an appeal because no appeal was submitted. So, they have to treat the letter as a NEW claim. (maybe?) Should I still file an NOD before March 2012? Thanks, Mike S.
  9. Same here, and it is getting worse! 182 emails from ebenefits. Uh, maybe there is a problem? Mike S.
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