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  1. I just posted this to my Senators- Good morning. I am a retired veteran who voted for you and Mr. Trump. I am a 100% permanent and total-TDIU-IU veteran. I just read the proposal to cut all of us, over 200,000 members who are receiving this. By doing this, I will lose my AZ property tax exemption deduction, VA dental, and other benifits including over 1200 in pay. I would lose my house and car as that is what I bought when I was approved. My social security wouldn't cover this as I haven't worked in years and so my SS is lower. Some veterans are in there 70,s 80s, 90s. Are you going
  2. Good morning members. I'm the founder of 4 veteran groups with over 35,000 members. We've been discussing this topic all day, This subject was attempted a few times before but never approved. I highly doubt it would be approved unless the current recipients were grandfathered. Homelessness, suicide, bankruptcy, ect would go up .Trump got vets votes caused he was going to help out benefits, not. Anyhow, I told my members to contact there Congressman and Senators.
  3. This is the group that I have with over 5,000 members to help with VA claims. If anyone wants to join to help me out I would appreciate it. There are some pretty illerate veterans who have a lack of knowledge of even copying and pasting-This group helps with your questions with the VA claims and benefits https://www.facebook.com/groups/617121661699616/ Veterans Military Compensation Benefits Assistance And More These are my other groups. I have 10 admins assisting. Over 23,000 members. I am the owner of all of them as I created the groups from scratch- This a public group o
  4. My XO joined yesterday. My 5 veteran groups are expanding. Over 23,000 members. They are all closed groups to protect there profile. I have posted the link several times with a description. I have been ill for quite some time and just posted again the last time in years. I am sharing some information, and for questions that I have no answer for , they are being referred here. How ever I noticed it is difficult for anyone to navigate the process to join. It took me many hours to reapply to reenter the page last night. I will give the step by step process how to navigate soon. Thanks!
  5. I used to get my narcotics from the va. My pc only signed the requests once a week leaving me with no meds for 2 weeks. I fired the VA from treating me(except for the required yearly appointments). I use tricare and have a pain clinic that prescribes morphine every 8 hours(15 mg) and 5mg/325 mg of oxycoden every 6 hours for pain. I don't take these as prescribed because of the side effects.They knock me out or make me too drowsy to function. Thus, I spend too much time in bed. ive been offered an 50,000 alternative. Implantating a stimulaton in my back to get me off these drugs.Hopef
  6. Good morning. I'm looking for members to join my compensation group to help out with answering questions. I am referring them here, however most are quite elderly and probably would have a hard time navigating your page. Veterans Military Compensation Benefits Assistance And More . With over 5,500 members and one other admin , no other qualified admins to help out. Thanks
  7. Good evening, or good morning. I have face book group with over 5,000 members. The questions they are asking are best to be answered here. I have over 23,000 members in 5 veteran groups managed by 10 admins. They are mostly humor groups. One is a family grouo, the rest, a salty, political humor, and now group of the public with veteran humor. My group, Veterans Military Compensation Benefits And More now has a link to this group. Instead of referring them to a VSO, they are being directed here,.Reason, I haven't found one good VSO in my many years fighting the VA I won my claim a few ye
  8. Present, Just got out of hospital from having hernia repair. Not done at the VA. I wouldn't let them touch me with a 10 foot pole!
  9. Since the VA refuses to do rate the claims correctly and accurately the first time, then these VARO'S, need to all be closed . No reason why Allison has to do 5 here job for them. I have already referred quite a few veterans to her from my VA military compensation group,
  10. I have had my foot up there ass for years and they hate it. Lately when I ask for something I get it. I AM working on another foot up even deeper. Going to send a message to the Va under secretary requesting my record to be flagged in case I need another surgery or procedure requiring anthesia- -to have this done elsewhere due to the prior incident and me and my family have no trust 8 them in not trying to kill me again.
  11. In my particular situation, the VA had no documentation of what medications I was supposed to stop prior to this surgery, I was the only that had the evidence, however it was written on yellow postage stickers not on a official document.And, a few important medications to be stopped weren't listed as they failed to inform me. This was my 4th strike of almost dying in a hospital due to my medical conditions. 1st for the VA even though they were informed I was a high risk and had provided them all records from previous issues in the hospital. I was advised I could file a tort against them which
  12. Good evening members. I am going to share with you an event that I've had scheduled last week at the VA in Tucson. One year ago , last March 17th I was scheduled to have a brain tumor removed in the VA. Soon as they administered the Anthesia drugs, I basically died. Lost of oxygen , blood pressure , ect. They brought me back and aborted the surgery . I awoke in ICU, which they booted me out and sent me home an hour later instead of keeping me for observation overnight Members, there is a thing called adverse event disclosure . Look it up and read it. I asked to have that done, and the VA
  13. I contacted Allison last October and within 2 days went to 100% TDIU, P&T. Actually rating is 90%, but being paid at 100%. I am done fighting the VA, no longer work. I PAY it forward by running my own face book group, Military Compensation Benefits And More.
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