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  1. Hello again my fellow veterans would like to update you on my current status. I am still awaiting the outcome of my remand that was sent back on may 2015. The St. Pete regional office has come under fire again and supposedly a lot of claims have been warehoused in Ga. by a contractor which was hired to scan all information into the VBMS for the regional office. There was a video showing hundreds of boxes filled with veterans information strewn all over the warehouse mixed with the contractors other files. I guess I was looking at the box with my evidence waiting to be scanned by this contractor. What can I do at this point?  The judge in my case seemed so willing  to  give me what I felt was due, should I write to her and see if she can at least inquire about the slow process. I mean I do not get this in any way. If you know that there was something done wrong why is it so hard to correct.:mellow:

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