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  1. I have been searching and havent found any new information. I know not to take anything that ebenefits seriously but my claim moved to pending decision approval. What does this stage mean? Thanks!
  2. So how long where you in preparation for decision?
  3. Congrats!!! I have been waiting for an increase since May through the Cleveland office. Had my c&p 2 weeks after I filed and I am still in PFD phase


    hmmm....looks like something i will have to look into, thanks!!


    I'm sure this topic has been asked before. I have searched and searched. I had 3 exams in June through the veterans evaluation service. I was wondering how I can get the notes from this. Myhealthevet has nothing but notes from the shrink and np I see at the va clinic. Thanks for your help
  6. Hey no problem, you are probably pretty busy here
  7. Hmm...takes a couple hours for my post to show up
  8. Hi I just wanted to introduce myself. Served in Iraq 2004-2006. Purple Heart. Arcom w/ v device... I in 2007 I was awarded 30% for ptsd, 10% for tenitis, multiple 10% for shrapnel in eye, face, arm. Bilateral hearing loss. Back in May I filled for an increase on ptsd, due to the fact my buddy who i served with is a vso. Was talking to him about my problems and told me to file for tbi too. Did route clearance and blown up many many times. Had 3 c&p exams through the ves. My claim has been sitting on the preparation for decision phase for about a month and a half. Anyways....Hi
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