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  1. After taking advice from others on this site I decided to wait and not file any more claims after receiving my 100% W/SMC Housebound. Since 2016 the VA sent me to an re-eval in Dec 2017 with civilian Dr. about 60 miles away, spent about an hour with her about my PTSD. She told me that everything would be OK with her findings and 5 weeks later I got the brown envelope showing I am now P&T. What a relief, thanks to everyone on the site that helped me.
  2. wablackwell, I had my previous employer fill it out and I sent it in, just to make sure the VA got it. Plus I got to check for any mistakes before submitting. Good Luck
  3. Talon II FE, I also am retire from AD and paying Tricare for spouse and not getting state property tax break so I take back my statement about not paying rent and figure that to be $32,000 for the past six years. I understand what everyone is saying it makes me mad that the VSO's say these things to us. I am so worried that appealing it could come back to bite me. Question: If appealed to request P&T, would the VA request new C&P's for all the disabilities?
  4. Broncovet, I am already being paid the maximum dollar amount with 100% with SMC 1 with my disabilities. So he must be getting his rent money from others. I guess it is just a roll of the dice at this time, same as the re-exam to apply for increase to P&T. I will keep the appeal process in mind when and if a reduction is recommended. A tough decision ahead for me. I do plan on getting IMO from Dr. Valette, and saving up for that now. Chuck75, VRC sounds like good additional fuel to my fire. Never used this before, so am very worried about what they will t
  5. The P&T would give us state property tax exemption, champva, education benefits and a few other state things. I am 100% schedular with SMC-S. PTSD at 100% future exam Aug 2017 10% from 3/1/2011 70% from 1/14/2013 100% from 2/7/2014 All other DBs are listed as static on code sheet. Sleep Apena - 50% from 3/1/2011 degenerative joint disease left wrist - 10% from 3/1/2011 degenerative disease of spine - 10% from 3/1/2011 tinnitus - 10% from 3/1/2011 Gerd - 10% from 3/1/2011 Scar -10% from 3/1/2011 Hypothyrodism - 10% from
  6. Since my last post a finally got to meet with my VSO and he says I should wait until my future exam is scheduled (Aug 2017). If done before then I would open up all current disabilities to re-exam and all but the PTSD are labeled as static now. I will be 54 yrs old, two months shy of 55 when this happens and could stand a better chance of P&T at that time. I also found out that Social Security was awarded for symptoms related to PTSD which is not what I applied for (go figure). Will the future exam show up on ebenefits as an open claim and would I be able to get a letter from my Dr. int
  7. This information is great to know. I did go back over the the award and the decision was denied for IU but awarded 100%. Could I NOD this to request P&T or do I have to start new claim? Within the explanation it says "since there is a likelihood of improvement the assigned evaluation is not considered permanent and is subject to future review examination" (my next exam is scheduled for 2017). My initial claim is from 2011 with increases from 50% to 70% now 100% rating. Things have not gotten better with continued treatment and meds (increased dosage). What about this supposed 5
  8. I just got in contact with him and look forward to getting this thing rolling. Thanks for the help.
  9. Berta I did submit a letter from my psychologist with the claim that increased me from 70 to 100 and it did state that I was unable to maintain or seek gainful employment. Maybe I will get another one from a paid IMO psychologist stating the same thing. Does anyone know of a psychologist that would reviews mental health records and do an IMO ? I have looked in my area but unable to find one.
  10. " I don't understand why VA does this because if it is coming from a licensed doctor then what does it matter " I agree with you. " If I were you I would ask the VA Psych to give their opinion based off what your private psych said. Show the VA psych the information that the private doc said and give their insight." I have asked him to do this but he said he is not authorized to do it. I will continue the fight.
  11. I have VA rating for Hypertension had two stents put in for blockage to both legs two years ago and looks like I will be headed down the same road again shortly. I am looking to do a claim for the Iliac Artery Thrombosis being secondary to my Hypertension. I am going to my cardiologist next week and ask him to fill out form 29-0960A-2 and all I could find that hypertension is a leading cause of the thrombosis and PAD/PVD is natural progression. Has anyone heard of doing this? Is this the right questionnaire to him to fill out?
  12. I was recently increased from 70% to 100% PTSD Schedular w/SMC S housebound which was backdated to Jan 2014 with future exams. I had filed for an increase based on TDIU but was denied that an per the VA it is a moot point. Is it possible to get this changed to P&T with no future exams? What are the steps to do this? My original PTSD rating goes back to 2011. My private Psychologist is 100% behind me but of course the VA Dr is more like a pill doctor.
  13. Yes I am receiving military retirement.
  14. Anyone, Forgot to mention/ask. I was given some retro payment but not all of it and the letter gives no clear answer to this. I did call Peggy at the VA but could not get anything better. Any ideas on how long this may take? I got 8,200 but they owed 27,000 I do receive CRDP and retirement pay and they did make it effective on 2/2015 due to me mentioning all the issues to the VA shrink back then and not the file date of 12/2014. Thanks
  15. USMC_VET, Reply to your question, however was the ptsd increase and this secondary filed at the same time? They were filed at the same time. I had submitted the secondary as a flashback that caused the accident which in turn I am suffering from concussion, but no proof exists that flashbacks can cause MVA only some form of dissociative condition (blackouts).My Psycholgist did write an IME letter but no diagnosis code was submitted for the condition (Dissociative Fugue a Subtype of PTSD) that caused the MVA in which i received a consussion. He has documented this issue duri
  16. Just want to let you know that my original posts were under the TDIU section. I filed for TDIU in Dec 2014 due to PTSD and a secondary condition under PTSD causing a concussion related to flashbacks. Well my PTSD was increased to 100%, TDIU was a moot point since the PTSD rating has gone to 100% (per VA letter). I also have been awarded SMC-1 due to my other conditions adding up to 60% on their own. The secondary condition has been deferred (most likely denied) due to how it was filed (my fault). I will file for a reconsideration on the secondary after the the doctor does the correct diagnosis
  17. Hi, Since my last post I have filed for IU, SSDI and have been approved for Long term disability from employer insurance plan. I have been attempting to get an IMO saying that I am not employable. The VA Dr. will not do it because they are mandated by the VA legal counsel not to express direct opinions regarding compensation. The Dr.did say that I could get a form from the VA to submit with the letter to be written by a third party but I can't find this form. Should I just get a third party to review my records and do the letter? Any idea would be helpful. Thank You
  18. Gastone, I am still on my company's book's out on company private short term disability awaiting long term disability (most likely will be terminated if approved or when they see I have applied). Cigna private insurance will require that I apply for SSDI after a period of time (written into private insurance policy), I did contact a lawyer about SSDI and he said I had to be unemployed for a year and that if I was being paid private disability insurance why apply for it until they require it because they will fight your case.. I am going to apply for IU and get all supporting do
  19. Gastone, Wow, I guess I know what I will be doing this week Question- is the VA Vocational Rehab Program Denial Letter something you started or did the VA send you to form and then set the Appt?
  20. All sounds like good advice, I will file. I will ask the shrink to write IMO letter the the flashback letter along with my wife who was with me in the car the first time this happened a 1.5 year ago but no injurys. the neuro dr. may try and do a MACE test and write a letter along with stating his medical opinion or send me out do an eval for the physical/mental testing to assist with the claim. I have another appt with the shrink and neuro this comimg week and will discuss all this with them. thank and will keep u all posted. Sorry about your husband. Ret MSG
  21. Berta, I was award the 90% SC while working. I was the only occupant. The PTSD is not documented in the police write-up, as I did not remember anything until last week and told my shrink (civilian, and he has been great to work with) when I saw him, he thinks I should get a TBI eval and write a statement that the flashback contributed to the accident. BTW this is the second time this has happened. 1st was no ticket I admitted fault no injury and shrink knew about it also. I asked a lawyer about SSDI and he told I had to wait a year and to contact him if my employers short term
  22. Can someone help me understand am I eligible to apply for IU or should I file for secondary to existing condition. The situation is I am currently 90% combined. 70% PTSD, 50% sleep disorder, 10% herniated disk, 10% Wrist pain, 10% HBP. I had an auto accident that was caused by PTSD flashback and I suffered a concussion and have made 2 attempts to return to work both failed the 2nd required a trip to the ER after loosing my sight briefly, I have not been able to work for more than 14 days in 6 months and am currently out on employer short term disability, I am a gov. contractor an most likely
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