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    trying to be the best to help who need me

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  1. where I can find example letters to write DRO.

    and let them know what happened with my appeal.

    thank you

  2. Bobby1948


    I see a lot Abbreviations in this site, some of you who haves experiences knows and others not. can you all help to let the apprentices learn. thank you example : CUE= Clear and Unmistakable Error NOD= Notice of Disagreement BVA= Board of Veterans Appeal so and so if I posted in a wrong place move it to the right place.
  3. on July 15, 1970 went out of service in September 10, 1970 When to the VA Hospital with abdominal pain, the diagnosis was hepatitis With moderate activity. i file for C & P they denied. They said in service records do not show the condition I been figthing for 40 Years with the VA. What can i do? thank you
  4. I was in the Army from July 1968 to July 1970, looking on my medical service file, I found this, TPR or Significant Symptoms : T 103, I think is urinary exam but don't know. can someone tell me what is that? Thank you
  5. thanks for all the details, I have an appointment with my C & P for PTSD May 27. cause me a lot of stress.
  6. thanks for all the details, I have an appointment with my C & P for PTSD May 27. I cause a lot of stress.
  7. i was trying to find information across the network until I found you, it is an excellent site, I learned enough thank you. Greetings from Puerto Rico
  8. hello from Puerto Rico I can't even register on E benefit try a couple of time then have to way 72 hours. need help on how to register, thank you
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