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  1. No new updates yet, but some of the contentions listed were condensed into different wording and like In the previous post they split my 1 appeal under RAMP into 2 appeals under RAMP 1 with 2 contentions and one with about 6. ..both with different dates...I have not called to figure out why because um sure calling will not give me the answer I'm looking for....
  2. So far nothing has changed. I know the letter stated they found an error with their DTA.... The only thing that changed was that they split the RAMP claim into 2 different ones with different submitted dates and different completion times. One of the claims only has 2 Contentions in it and the other has them all....I am a little confused as to why they did that. I have not called to ask why because I don't believe I will get an answer as to why they did it. 1 claim is in " Review Of Evidence " and the other is in " Prep For Notification "....I have been in RAMP since March. I don't think they will meet their promise to complete the appeal in the time they imposed on themselves, but at least there is movement and they are actually working on it. I hold out hope that that it will be favorable since it taking so long and I did not get declined right away, but only time will tell.... I will keep posting with new updates as the post....
  3. I Just got this in the mail.... looks like they may have messed up. any ideas
  4. Thanks for the reply on this issue. I asked V.E.S. and they said I can go down to my R.O. and they can give it to me. At least that's what they said. I have not tried yet, but I will next week.. I Noticed on Ebenefits that they split my Appeals in to 2 Different ones today. One was for psychiatric conditions and the others were ailments I have claimed.....They both say prep for decision and both have different appeal dates which is odd. One is in march and the other is in April.... Maybe they split them and they are going to decision one and the other they will continue working on, but I just don't know. I hope its a favorable decision and I get to post some good news soon....Thanks for all your support from everyone on here....
  5. so as of today My claim moved to Prep for Notification.....The weird part was that they changed the date of when they supposedly opted in to RAMP. It moved from March to April.....They say the claim will be decided 2 Nov-8 Nov. we will see..... Very anxious as I have been waiting 5 Years
  6. Well, I just completed my C&P exam through VES For PTSD related to MST and I'm a little off today since then. I will say this exam was more in-depth then the last one I had in June of 2015. The last examiner I had in 2015 was a female and most of the questions she asked were ones that tried to catch me in a lie. She was very judgmental towards me and rigid with her questioning.....This time was way different. I met with a Dr. through VES. My first impression was that this was a very nice environment and not like the official offices that you usually see at the VA. those offices make me feel more nervous and more official and intimidating. The moment I got there I met the Examiner. We went inside his room where he does the exams. He first asked basic questions about my history starting from when I was a child. How many siblings and are my parents still together and whether there was abuse or drug or alcohol use or sexual abuse. I understand he is trying to get a history of before during and after. I know most of this stuff has been talked about before and its in my medical records and can easily get it there. I felt it was pretty easy to talk with him because he asked questions about what the wanted to know. Completely different from the last one. So we talked about the before history and there was nothing exciting about that. We got to my time in the service. First was when I went in. I went in right after high school, so I was 18. He asked how was your experience at first and I told him it was fine that my experience at first was great and i did well and excelled at all tasks asked of me and always went above and beyond and I have awards and medals to back it up. That was for the first year I was in. Next he asked what happened after that. I asked "do I have to go through this again because its in my notes" Needless to say I told him what needed to complete that portion of the exam. reluctantly of course. He stuck to the DBQ questions and also helped me work my time line with me. Which was helpful in a way. I was trying not to volunteer information and only answer the question he asked. I did catch myself going on tangents, but I caught myself and shut up. Less is more I would think. Then the next Phase was the after I got out and he asked what was the hardest period for me after I got out and I told him from 2000-2008 where I had multiple run ins with the law and domestic problem multiple suicide attempts and going through and reliving these times in my life I have realized that I changed jobs a lot because I could not handle my emotions and my depression was to much to live with, but I never told anyone what really happened because i was ashamed and embarrassed about what happened . I did not realize what the real problem was at that time. I would never tell the DR whats really wrong with me because I swore this would go with me to the grave and it almost did. He asked how I am doing now and I told him i have issues to this day with anger and frustration with daily life. Granted it is better than it was before, but struggle at-least 3 times a week when its severe. I just wanted to write a little about my experience a little and maybe it might help someone else down the road with similar situations. I don't know how it will turn out.... I always feel that I did not do enough to explain my symptoms to the examiner and everything will go bad... The negative talk in my mind won't stop, so I figured I would write about it here. I am sure I am having the same feelings as a lot of people that have had an exam about this stuff.... I just hope they believe me and understand I have been suffering in silence for over 20 years without telling a soul and struggling daily. I honestly don't care about the monetary aspect of my claim. Its more about the acknowledgement that this did happen to me and I do suffer from it daily from it and I am not making it up....Thank you for your time. I will keep everyone posted.
  7. Well today I went to my C & P exam through VES..... I will have to say the exam was better than the last one I had. The main difference was that the examiner. The last C & P I had for PTSD was done by a VA Examiner. I believe she was more interested in trying to catch me in a lie. She did not believe me and the questions she was asking and how she was saying it was demeaning. All I can say is this was better, but I just don't know what the outcome will be. Of course I always think the worst about these things and second guess myself on the answers I provided and wonder if I said enough about how my behavior and how I am feeling... the examiner pretty much went off the DBQ according to the questions they were asking me.... Making sure my dates and times were correct and the timeline was correct. He was more Detailed oriented for sure.....I wish I knew how to get a copy of the report when its available to read it, but for now I just wait and see what happens... Ill keep you all posted and Thank you all
  8. Thank you all for the feed back.....Well I won't make anything up that's for sure plus they can verify my statements from the last exam I had. My story never changes its just the DR who interprets them and offers an opinion. I just hope I get someone who is sympathetic to what happened to me and not judge and take me serious. I did not feel that way during the last exam. I almost felt I was being interrogated by her and just looking for holes in my story...I just fear its another repeat of almost 5 years ago.... In my head I keep running scenarios that could happen.....I read my previous exam maybe 10 times maybe more looking for inaccuracy. I broke it done sentence by sentence to fully understand what the last examiner said or intended to say..... driving my self loony over this
  9. I originally filed my claim 24 August 2014 and the denial came about 15 Sept. 2015. I filed a NOD right away contesting the results. In march of 2018 I got a notice to opt in the the new RAMP program which I did without hesitation. I figured why not i have already been waiting this long and what else could happen. Ill be the guinea pig to see how this works. I have nothing to loose. So a week ago I got a Call from V.E.S. scheduling a new C&P Exam for next week on a Saturday. Needless to say I was quite surprised about this development. I am happy this process is moving forward and I hope the results are positive. Im a little nervous about the exam as well. I will update the progress of this process as it develops.....
  10. So, to kinda recap what has been going on and you can read if you would like from my previous posts....... I have been waiting on an appeal from 08/24/2014. I originally got denied on my claim for MST. I immediately filed a NOD and supplied other evidence that I previously did not have and asked for a 2nd look. I selected a review and filed out a Waiver of Regional office consideration. Nothing has happened to the claim since the original denial i received. I opted in to the RAMP program in March and for about 4 months I heard nothing. Just the other day I got a Call from VES for another C & P exam.....For PTSD Related to MST..... I have an appointment on 6 Sept. 2018. Needless to say I'm a little apprehensive and frightened about this.... Last time did not go so well obviously. I thought the original had some positive things in it, but also some Negative things said in it and some of the notes the examiner took were wrong and need to be corrected..... I really hope this time is more favorable to me..... I really want to prepare like its a test, but really there is no way to do that.... I was hoping that they could have used the evidence I provided to offer an opinion. I am sure I feel Like everyone of you out there having to go through this again and and relive this experience over again.... Last time the denial took a pretty big toll on me and stared having health problems from the stress and the shame and being looked at that I'm lying.....We will see how it goes, but i am in an extreme amount of fear because of this..... I hope the results will be more in my favor this time, but we will see and I will keep everyone posted
  11. This is pretty strange. I went and checked my e benefits today and I noticed that I have pending disabilities yet above this you will see my rated disabilities. I have all of them on appeal that are in rated disabilities. it funny because all my pending disabilities say Vet wants service connection. Why would it say that ? thats the whole reason I filed. Anyway any insight would be helpful. Rated Disabilities Disability Rating Decision Related To Effective Date anxiety disorder Not Service Connected lumbosacral strain (claimed as back condition) Not Service Connected depression to include alcohol abuse Not Service Connected bipolar disorder Not Service Connected right shoulder rotator cuff tear (claimed as right shoulder condition) Not Service Connected posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Not Service Connected PTSD - Personal Trauma PTSD - Non-Combat cervical intervertebral disc syndrome (claimed as neck strain) Not Service Connected left shoulder strain with rotator cuff tear 20% Service Connected 09/19/2015 Pending Disabilities Disability Submitted Type Actions Bipolar Disorder-veteran Wants Service Connection 06/17/2016 REP Major Depressive Disorder (mdd)/depression To Include Alcohol Abuse-vet Wants Service Connection 06/17/2016 REP Right Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tear Veteran Wants Service Connection 06/17/2016 REP Anxiety Disorder-vet Wants Service Connection 06/17/2016 REP Ptsd-vet Wants Service Connection 06/17/2016 SEC Lumbosacral Strain-veteran Wants Service Connection 06/17/2016 REP Cervical Intervertebral Disc Syndrome-vet Wants Service Connection 06/17/2016 REP Privacy Act Request 05/31/2016 NEW
  12. Broncovet, I am in agreement with you. I Have been diagnosed with PTSD from VA Doctor and I have had a C&P Exam Last year and she Diagnosed me with MDD and not PTSD. The Exam notes state that the stressor was a least likely than not it happened, but are not linking it to my current mental health issues, but basing it on other issues going on in my life at the time. My MH notes that my current issues are related to MST. Since the VA keeps telling me they are not I had my doctor write something about my current issues and is copied in this thread.... I am not sure what else I can do to prove that my issues are directly related to it.
  13. Andyman73, I completely understand.....Because I waited so long my issues happened before I went in. How they determined that I have no Idea. since i was 18 and joined right out of High school. Sometimes I just want to quite.They make me look like a liar, But they totally contradict themselves. They say my mental issues were not related to service, but they say that I have markers, so they ordered a c & p exam then the examiner stated it was at least likely that MST occurred, but is not linked to my current distress....How could they come up with a statement like that. I guess they are saying no big deal nothing to see hear. What a slap in the face.
  14. I am sure you are correct about that. Well I will just get her to add that piece in the letter. I have Put In a FOIA for my C-File. Not sure how long that will take, but I believe it is something I need since at every turn they basically call me a liar and tell me 20 reasons why its not service related....and while they lay it out that its not they totally contradict themselves as well......WTF Thanks for you advise
  15. Thank you for your input on this. The letter was written by my Psychologist that I was seeing for a few years at the VA and the only person I have told since it happened. I am thinking about what you are saying at the first part about the reason she came up with the Opinion and it is missing, but since she was treating me there are notes in my medical record stating why she came up with her opinion and I hope that would fill in that missing piece. I would like to find people from my unit, but honestly I cant even remember any of their names or where or how to find them. Its been 20 years and about 18 of them I said nothing and pushed everything out of my mind, so I would not remember it.... Look how well that worked.....

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