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  1. I'm a VHA employee and from what we were told; was that VA employees will no longer be receiving the covid vaccine, until more is available. The VHA will be transitioning to administering the covid vaccine to veterans only, when it becomes available. No timeline was provided. So much vague.
  2. I have done all you have suggested. The themed rationale is "congenital or pre-existed service" since 2007. My entrance medical exam refutes that rationale. The VBA has obtusely ignored the presumption of soundness that applies to the claim. By not finding clear and unmistakable evidence that congenital flat feet pre-existed service. The burden falls on the government to find such evidence. (An unfavorable nexus based on mere speculation in 2007 is the end all apparently. Then another in 2016 that clearly shows the examiner contradicts himself with stating "at least as like
  3. At this point, I've become another statistic of the VA hamster wheel for a claim appeal that has merit for acquired pes planus. This has gone on for far too long and I'm pretty much done with it. I'm not one to give up, but I learned a long time ago to pick my battles. I am 100% scheduler with an FCE looming around February 2021 for PTSD and Depression. If I get reduced afterwards, I might revisit the flat foot appeal with new and relevant evidence that I have. I have until Aug 13 2021 to appeal.
  4. Wonderful news for you. I know my flat feet are rateable at 30%, but knowing how it will go, I probably will get 0%. LOL.
  5. CCK sent that letter with the HLR 20-0996 form. We'll be submitting a supplemental claim for sure. I know in every fiber of my being this claim has not been afforded due diligence. It's an injustice. All the ROs ought to have done in Winston-Salem, NC and Houston use the applicable laws and low ball me with a 0% in 2007 and 2016. Instead, here I am denied again...and because of this injustice. I will continue pursuing it until my last breathe. Some people will say to leave it alone, since I'm 100% already. I will not. It's not my first denial, but this one is a tough pill to swallow.
  6. HLR review did not go well. Reviewer agreed with the previous denials. It closed and there was no change in ebenefits. Bilateral Flat Feet still remained NOT SERVICE CONNECTED. I'm going to do a supplemental claim because I have new and relevant evidence that was not in the VA's possession over the past 13 years. I barely just found it a few months ago...low and behold electronically; in tricareonline.com. RedactedACQUIREDPESPLANUS.pdf
  7. Here is my entrance medical exam. Hallux valgus is noted above "Normal Archs". I do not contend that hallux valgus is congenital. EntranceExam98 (1).pdf
  8. Unfortunately, it mattered that the daggum PA that did the BDD, flat out lied about that congenital rationale; resulting in my claim being denied. I completely agree with you. Being that the congenital rationale was used, presumption of aggravation ought to have been applied by the flippin' Winston-Salem,NC RO that was assigned to my claim. Then, the Houston RO just went along with that decision....twice. I'm seeking 1. service connection and 2. the appropriate earliest effective date due to CUE for my appeal. Winston-Salem RO should've gotten it right the first time.
  9. Ms. Berta it's always enlightening reading your responses. I did find existing medical evidence of record that was not properly weighed; in my electronic medical records via tricareonline, is that "Acquired Pes Planus" was dated April 19,2007 in my medical problem list. My initial diagnosis for Bilateral Pes Planus was 05DEC2006. I ETS'd 14JUL07. I can provide redacted files to corroborate this for your review.
  10. There was no evidence of congenital or pre-existing flat feet upon medical entrance exam.
  11. 1. The claim has been denied 3x already. Still Seeking service connection. 2. The VBA erred in denying my acquired flat feet claim in Oct 9,2007 and the last two attempts for SC. In my case, I believe I should've have been rated at least 10% for acquired bilateral flat feet and the effective date ought to have been 14JUL2007 (ETS)....but I'll take 01NOV2007 since the first denial is dated Oct 9,2007.
  12. This is the letter CCK sent for my appeal. Does it suffice to make a strong arguement for a CUE?? CUE.pdf
  13. §4.114 Schedule of ratings—digestive system. Ratings under diagnostic codes 7301 to 7329, inclusive, 7331, 7342, and 7345 to 7348 inclusive will not be combined with each other. A single evaluation will be assigned under the diagnostic code which reflects the predominant disability picture, with elevation to the next higher evaluation where the severity of the overall disability warrants such elevation. Unfortunately, this statute would rebut your CUE, to seperate the combined IBS and GERD; but there's some good news. My understanding of the bolded part, is that if a single ra
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