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  1. ok I got all my ducks in a row with it.. I take it to a legion rep, he says he will lose his job if he submitted it. and then my state rep says that is the last step if the nod doesn't go through. I was also told if I submit a cue and it doesnt go through there is no appeals no nothing, I lose my benefits for it!? is this true!?
  2. Thank you so much! I missed this on my last post ^^^^ I will send that out asap! I will let you know the results!
  3. http://www.va.gov/vetapp16/Files3/1619696.txt ^^^^ That is my decision letter from the bva judge. On ebenefits it is rated 10% for brugada syndrome WITH AICD IMPLANT now they didnt rate it correctly i filed a notice of disagreement an idk if she sent it to the DRO or to the other option... how long do I have to wait for them to fix their mistake another 4-5 years!?
  4. http://www.va.gov/vetapp16/Files3/1619696.txt here is my decision letter from the BVA judge... now finally today I got the rating paper in mail... they gave me 10% for brugada syndrome which is a ventricular arrhythmia. it should be a 100% correct?
  5. they rated it as a ventricular arrythmia under 7011 at 10% they didn't rate the AICD implant...
  6. My disability was granted and listed as Brugada syndrome with AICD implant.... so what do i do? i filed a notice of disagreement and sent them their CFR lol
  7. Ok so the judge granted service connection for brugada syndrome with aicd implant. It should have been rated at 100%, or am I wrong? they rated it at 10%, so I had to file a notice of disagreement... now I can see myself waiting another 4-5 years for them to fix a very simple mistake? Brugada's Syndrome with implanted automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillator (AICD) 10% Service Connected 12/03/201
  8. Ok so, little progress, on ebenefits, they granted my ptsd claim, 50% and my aicd implant showed up with 10%.... the aicd is supposed to be 100%, i called around the VA buffalo area... they said there hasn't been a rating for the aicd yet, why would it show up on Ebenefits?
  9. the judge didnt put a rating on my decision, he just granted service connection.... every day im wondering and thinkin worse case scenarios... he granted service connection for brugada syndrome... and in his findings he wrote brugada syndrome with aicd implant... but the granted section on says brugada syndrome, with that i fear the rating officer is going to try and screw me on the rating an i will have to appeal and wait another 4-5 years to get it right. i have no movement on Ebennies so im kinda freaking out. Hope all comes out alright but with the VA they seem to do as they please / see fit...
  10. Wait log Entry #1: Well, its been 17 days since judge granted... I think I am beginning to lose my sanity. I check the bank every morning as well as ebennies. I wish I knew what was going on in that regional office. Ive drifted into the mindset of what kind of life I will lead when i receive the benefits.... I think I will dedicate my free time to being there to help the other wounded vets... Well end of log 1-6G out.
  11. by chance does anyone know someone I can call to check on the raters progress? is there a certain amount of time they have to complete the rating?
  12. Well with the AICD implant, do you think the rater will try and screw me over on either the back pay or the 100%... the cfr clearly states AICD is automatic 100% because It keeps me alive. I am pretty sure they have to back pay it all the way to when the implant got put in...
  13. Thanks Bronco, I still feel as if it is too good to be true... This VA is very sneaky and complicating to trust. I am wondering how long it will take to receive the benefits... I won't believe it until they are received.
  14. Ok today after speaking to the Buffalo, NY regional office. My rep received the judges decision an informed me that he granted my heart condition w/ an AICD implant service connected. Finally after dealing with them since 2012. I understand that an AICD is an automatic 100% rating based of from the CFR. Anyone know how long the buffalo regional office will take to get my rating and benefits rolling? An will they back pay me from when I had the AICD implanted? What benefits will I receive from 100% VA comp?