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  1. My rating for ptsd is 30%,and hearing is 10 % What I'm asking is since a lot of ptsd symptoms are crossover in gwi symptoms will they still see them as gwi symptoms as well , such as chronic pain , sleep issues, joint pain , migraine, I have symptoms documented through time but are only treated with medication both through va and private, I know the deadline is coming up so I'm on the fence with filing . Thanks and forgive the text on in an iPhone and auto correct is out of wack
  2. I'm interested in filling a gulf war illness claim , my question is do you think it worthwhile, I have the symptoms that are required for the claim , but some of the fall into my ptsd symptoms which I all ready receive compensation for . if I file gwi , will they try to reduce my ptsd rating. all I read is so many gulf war claims are denied . I don't want to fill and have it denied and have them turn around and start messing with my ptsd claim . Any thoughts?
  3. calicic

    new ptsd claim

    Just an update I was awarded 30 % for ptsd I guess the actually went back in my file and read all my exposure therapy notes and didn't side with the c an p examiner, I recorded a call Saturday morning and was given an update on my claim , said my sleep apnea 2nd to ptsd was not handled correctly and was going to have it redone , I'll read up on sleep apnea and read the Dbq , thanks everyone of the advice and thought , now at least I don't have to worry about paying for my treatment , also now that I'm 40 % doe it change my va benefits as far as health care ? Thanks calicic
  4. Checked e benefits they rated my ptsd 30 % so I guess have to wait to see about sleep apnea , had been diagnosed 6months ago through va
  5. I had a call today on a Saturday morning requesting some information about my ptsd claim then he said he had all the information he needed and wanted to give me an update on my claim for ptsd and said I should receive notification of there decision in ten days . He informed me that the claim for sleep apnea was not handled correct and its be reschedule to " quote " be able to get more compensation . so my question for you all anyone have advice to this new c and p exam for sleep apnea ? thanks calicic
  6. calicic

    new ptsd claim

    Less likely not related to his military combate service
  7. calicic

    new ptsd claim

    I recieved diagnosis from the va , Once the claim is rejected should I file for mdd instead of ptsd ? Chronic post-traumatic stress disorder (SCT 313182004) DIAGNOSIS: Primary (focus of treatment): PTSD, Chronic Major Depressive Disorder, recurrent, moderate
  8. calicic

    new ptsd claim

    Thanks for the reply everyone , I was wondering since I went in for a ptsd claim that it would it would be denied cause she said it wasn't all ptsd just a few symptoms of it. She reviewed my file a day before and Im sure she already had her mind made up before my exam. I check my healthy vet for her report and let you guy know how it went.
  9. hello everyone I just had my c and p for ptsd . I have been diagnosed by my sw and psych doctor also with major depression and anxiety . I'm a gulf war vet so its been 25 years. I don't think my c and p went well , my examiner was a women seem nice first we started 45 minutes late cause she wasn't notified of me checking in. We rushed through the exam and we went over the area pre post military. she had my file and had notes already taken , not to bore anyone my childhood had one even which i witness a suicide. she ask about the war i told her of three different combat related stressors and broke down with each recall. told her about nightmares , fears , not able to sleep , all the symptoms of ptsd. as soon as I started to tell her how I was feeling the past year , she said you don't have ptsd you have major depression with some symptoms of ptsd , she said its been 25 years so why is all this coming about now and pretty much every question after that each answer was thats not a symptom of ptsd but depression. and i was have the due to my father second bought of lung cancer last year. I tried to tell her i had theses feeling since after the war and she just shook her head and shoot down my answer each time , At the end she said i do have service connection but it was unclear what she meet by that , i have a form of ptsd unspecified mental issues and major depression. anyone have this happen in a exam? she read all my psych notes where i told the all about my axis and flash backs and all the symptoms which are document with my prolong exposer therapy . any input would be great thanks

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