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  1. Hi Buck, I just got my appointment scheduled for my MH and it was so quick. I went to the VA Monday with all my paperwork and the VA rep uploaded all of it. I got a call from the VA today and scheduled my MH in 2 weeks, but I was wondering why was it so quick.
  2. Thank you Ms. Bertha, we were involved in the 2005 event. In this picture we had just pulled as many people onboard as we could. Im the one standing with my hands on my hips.
  3. I trust you have, by now, filed a PTSD FDC, right? No I have not and I did not know I could do that yet. I was under the impression that once I was done with the CBT I volunteered for then I should file. Should I talk to the VA Rep to schedule that for me? From your above post, you certainly have MH issues. File the PTSD Claim, let the VA sort it out. An additional 30 or 50% SC for a MH issue, gets you to 90% SC. Does it really matter if it's the Depression alone or in conjunction with the PTSD? I just want to get the help I need really, I also thought that my traumatic event kind of amplified my depression.
  4. I had this done back in May, Im confused on if I have PTSD or Depression. Pls let me know what this is. XXXX (Took my name out) Chief Complaint: Depression, intrusive thoughts Present Illness: 45-year-old veteran who is 80% SC overall but has no psychiatric disabilities. Had no history of mental health treatment until referred to a mental health social worker at the JACC with whom XXXX met on February 5th of this year. Social worker documented at that time: "Patient reported that he had been having dreams about an event that occurred while active duty off the coast of Africa. Patient reported that while aboard the USS Firebolt they came across a boat full of refugees that capsized as they were attempting to board the ship. He reported that a child was thrown to him from another crew member who was onboard a smaller patrol boat and he dropped the child into the water. He reported that he watched the child go under the boat. He reported he also witnessed a woman who was too weak to climb onboard the boat and he watched her go under the boat. He reported that he could have saved them had he gone into the water, however the crew members had been given orders not to leave the boat. He reported that he had never talked to anyone about this until last year when he told his spouse. This was the first time disclosing it to someone other than her. Patient reported that he had been isolating himself from his spouse." XXXX was referred to the counselor at this clinic with whom he's met on three occasions and will be beginning IPT in the near future. XXXX continues to experience depressed mood, irritability, isolative behaviors, intrusive thoughts, and occasional nightmares. His isolation stems more from his irritability than from avoidance of particular triggers, although he does admits having difficulty going to the beach. XXXX cites a number of issues in his current relationship with his wife as they live with two teenagers who from his wife's previous marriage. XXXX and his wife differ on expectations from and discipline of the children which has caused more than one verbal conflict. Finds himself more irritable at work as well which has led to his being more verbally impulsive. Has never sought help for his mood in the past and is not particularly clear why he sought help recently. Past Psychiatric History: No history of treatment prior to his evaluation in February. Denies history of SI/SA. Denies history of substance use. MENTAL STATUS EXAMINATION: The veteran appeared well-developed, well-nourished, clean, and dressed appropriately. The veteran was alert and oriented in all spheres and able to establish rapport. Eye contact was adequately maintained and there was no obvious psychomotor abnormality. Mood was "sad". Affect was reactive and congruent. Speech was fluent and normal in tone, rate and volume. Thought processes were logical and goal-directed with intact associations. There was no evidence of thought disorder or perceptual disturbances. There was no expressed delusional content. Suicidal and homicidal ideations were denied within the past thirty days and there has been no self-injurious behavior. Immediate, recent and remote memories were grossly intact as was attention and concentration. Insight was good. Judgment and impulse control were adequate. DIAGNOSTIC IMPRESSION (DSM-5): MDD, recurrent, mild Could certainly consider diagnosis of PTSD given XXXX's experience, although he doesn't exhibit the hypervigilance, exaggerated startle response, and their appears to have been elements in his history that would be more consistent with a major depressive disorder that has been ongoing for some time but perhaps exacerbated by his traumatic experiences. From a medication standpoint this distinction is not likely to be particularly important however. After discussion about various treatment options will provide trial of Sertraline, but XXXX was encouraged to remain engaged in the psychotherapeutic milieu. PLAN: Start Sertraline 50mg po daily
  5. Hi Buck, I guess im on the right path now. I emailed the nurse on the secure message post about my concerns. She told me that my Doctor said he believes that he did diagnose me with PTSD. My counselor was treating for Depression, She was doing a great job but that is one of the problems im having. The nurse said that I can be only given one mood disorder.
  6. Hi Buck, I went to visit my counselor today. I asked her what was being diagnosed for and she told me MDD. I was kind of shocked because I did experience a traumatic event. I have been going through some very depressing things but at the least Im getting treatment. I have seen well over 60 people float in the and a kid slip from my hands and drown. I told her today that I have been having the flashbacks in my dream and daily routines. I told that I was seeing my Psychiatrist on the 4th but then,she told me that he was leaving and I would need to find another Doctor. I was pissed at the thought nobody told me. She then told me that it maybe 3 months before I could see that Doctor. I was wanting to talk to him about getting diagnosed and see what was going on. Now im at the point of just throwing my hands up with this Therapy and the VA.
  7. I would like to thank all of you for the support and information. I had a talk with my wife and we are going to work through this from start to finish. She is my best friend and the person I love. I will continue with the CBT and hopefully I will get a dianosis soon. I feel and know depression is PTSD but I don't know if I have either or both.
  8. I would like to thank you for replying. My wife is tuff and she has been through this with me for the long haul, but its wearing her down. She is the most loving and caring person I know. I just hate that I put her through this everyday and I know its hard on her. I try to do more but I just get in a rut and dont want to move. This CBT brings the worst out of me sometimes, we talk about stuff I dont want to talk about and I keep it buried. Im just not really that all in to it and just want to go home and isolate myself afterwards.
  9. Good evening, I am currently going through the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression program (CBT). I witnessed a boat overturning off the coast of Africa while we were patrolling for Pirates. I had the symptoms of depression for a awhile but they have come to light in January. I asked to see someone back in January and I have been since then. I see a couselour once a week and she has me the CBT program. I have talked to my psychiatrist and he prescribed me 50mg Zoloft but its not working to me. Is my counselor trying to steer me away from PTSD? I don't go to the beach, I don't swim anymore and I get angry at the smallest things with my wife. I answer some questions on the defensive and im always isolating myself from my wife. during my event I had a child tossed to me from a RHIB and he slipped through my hands and I seen him sink right under the ship. I then tried to help people onto the boat and locked eyes with a woman who had no energy left to hang on with and sinked. Are these signs of PTSD or just depression?I dont know if after the program do I apply for PTSD or depression cna someone tell me what I should expect?
  10. Is sleep apnea a total disability? I'm asking barbecue I got some paper work in the mail for the Dependent Educational Assistance program (Chapter 35)
  11. I had my first meeting with a counselor about 2 months ago. I just happen to look into my VA file I see that she posted my scores. PHQ-9 score was 23 I don't know the scale of that or what it may mean. She also posted my PTSD Raw score and it was 66 and it had DSM-IV PTSD Criteria B IS met, DSM-IV PTSD Criteria C IS met, DSM-IV PTSD Criteria D IS met and PTSD Diagnosis IS SUGGESTED. At the bottom it said impression: Major Depression r/o PTSD. I'm schedule for a meeting with a psychiatrist next month but what am to expect?
  12. I talked to my VA rep about a week after I got the paperwork and she told me that I may see it next month. I am just trying to figure out why I was not informed about the 10% increase last year and told I have a 20% this year. I had 0% for High blood pressure but last year 10% and now 20%, its just confusing. Thank you for responding to my post pete992.
  13. I went to see my VA Doctor last year for the first time. I was not diagnosed with anything just see my new Doctor because I moved in the area. I was awarded 60% in 2009 10% for my back and 50% for sleep Apnea. I went to get re-evaluated for my blood pressure in January and two months later I was awarded 60% for it. That bumped it to 80% but I didn't know why but at the top of the page it read I was awarded 10% in February of last year. I was never told that and I looked at Ebids at least once a week. Am supposed to get back pay for the 10% I didn't get back in February of last year.
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