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  1. I've been coming to Hadit for a few years and have decided to finally join. Here is my background: Like many Veterans I've been battling the VA for a long time. In fact 28 years now! I filed my first claim in 1988 and my claim was finally approved in 2014, yes 2014. The VA is quite maddening and the entire VA organization, in my opinion is criminal. The more I've learned about the politics of the VA, the more I am completely blown away by how unsupportive they are. They've lost site of the original intent of why the VA was created and I believe they will never return to their original mission in helping those who have served their country.

    I currently have two open claims and three appeals and I am waiting just like my fellow Veterans for some kind of action to be taken...

    1. Jamezam


      Correction, I now currently have one open claim and will have FOUR appeals. NO matter how many DBQ's, medical evidence, and Nexus letter's you have, the VA continues to fight against our claims. It took 26 years for my first claim to be approved and I will fight the VA until they pry my claims and appeals from my cold dead hands... FUVA...

      Please sign my petition: Dear friends and fellow veterans'. I have created a petition to overhaul the Veterans' Affairs regulations and now have 30 days to get 99,999 signatures in order for our petition to be reviewed by the White House. Please sign our petition at: https://wh.gov/isMcM


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