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  1. pacmanx1, I filed for TDIU in 2018 as soon as the BVA increased my Scheuermann’s rating and asked VBA to rate my migraines. I specified Scheuermann’s for TDIU, I just had migraine rating increased to 50%, and pending mental conditions claim. Could be 5/10/20 year review? I also have BVA remands and appeals in the works Who knows, but can’t imagine taking until April 2021/2022 for the TDIU. Thanks pacmanx1…
  2. I just noticed the same thing on va.gov and eBenes this morning. There is a new claim, for a condition I was already service connected for in 2016, effective date 2014, and new effective date and increase per BVA 2018. And, now, suddenly a new claim, with completion a date 2021/2022? I have a pending supplemental claim for mental disability and a TDIU claim, maybe there all related?
  3. broncovet, thanks, Well I have one doc's DBQ from 2015, stating "After reviewing Mr. Murphy's service and private medical records and diagnosis', I can confirm that it is more likely than not that his headaches and migraines are associated with Mr. Murphy's military services, aggravated by and contributed to by his on going back and neck conditions. My other doc (Dr. Valette) IMO Clinical Opinion states. "The veteran’s migraine headaches are underrated at 0%. With the symptoms noted in his records and in his personal statement his migraine headaches should be rated at 50%. And, the Headache DBQ by yet another doc doesn't give specifics migraines increased in severity or frequency. Anyway, I just got back from the PO to priority mail VA FORM 10182 to the BVA, since they have all my NOD's, remanded my migraine headaches back to the VBA for a rating, said rating I filed NOD w/BVA 01/2020. I'm just thankful to finally have a legitimate rating for my migraine headaches. Dr. Valette provided me with a Mental Disorders (other than PTSD and Eating Disorders) – DSM V Disability Benefits Questionnaire and 22 page report in support of my migraine headache increase, Generalized anxiety disorder and Depressive disorder due to service-connected medical conditions. Hopefully, the TDIU that the BVA remanded to the VBA will go through now, as of course the VBA denied because they erroneously (I'm sure not on purpose) rated my migraine headaches 0%.
  4. Thanks pacmanx1. Right, and of course, I can't expect others to understand my post' if it doesn't make sense to them. VA form 20-0996 doesn't apply to me, because my previous claim has already been to the BVA. So, it's off to the BVA again...
  5. Pacmanx1: That's just it, there is absolutely no VA Form 21-0966 on my Mac or in any of my documents on eBenefits and there is no prior claim for an increase in migraine headache rating. BVA remanded to VBA in 12/2018, VBA finally made a decision in 12/2019. I appealed said decision 01/2020. Point being I would not file a 21-0966 when I am appealing a previous decision. deedub75: No where can I find an initial rating decision from the VA, after the BVA remanded my migraine headache claim back to VBA in 12/2018. I have a VA decision letter from 12/2019 stating "Evaluation of migraine headaches (also claimed as visual color changes, ocular migraines), which is currently 0 percent disabling, is continued." However, they never sent me an initial rating decision prior to 12/2019, otherwise, I would have appealed it earlier. Timeline: BVA remand to VBA 12/2018. VBA decision letter 12/2019 (0% rating migraine headaches). NOD 01/2020. New and material evidence submitted 06/19/2020, new 50% migraine headache rating 06/29/2020. Decision letter received 07/06/2020. The VA had me as 0% service-connected for migraine headaches 3.2014, prior to my most recent increase. So, my belief is, since I appealed the 0% migraine headache rating in 1.2020, I must be able to appeal for an earlier effective date. Can't hurt to try, and at least I finally have a legitimate rating, while I'm waiting for the effective date saga to play out... Thanks everyone...
  6. Thanks brokensoldier244th, I NOD'd/appealed the initial 0% rating. Part of my confusion is, if they are going off the date of the claim for increase, that would 06/19/2020. But they choose effective date of 02/2020. And because I NOD'd the 0% rating, I'd think that would preserve my original 2016 migraine headache claim filing date?
  7. This post is in reference to an effective date for Migraine Headaches secondary to a Service-Connected condition. 1. I filed migraine headache claim 2015 or 2016, claim denied. 2. Filed a NOD went to BVA, BVA remanded back to VBA to (Take necessary action to implement the grant of service connection for headaches). 3. VBA assigns 0% rating. 4. I then filed for an increase obtained with an IMO report and DBQ (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Dr. Valette!). 5. VA increased Migraine Headaches to 50%, effective date 02/27/2020. My question is, are secondary conditions and their effective dates and appealability, any different than a Service-Connected condition? I'm confused because the BVA made their decision in 2018, the VBA origionally assigned a 0% rating effective 03/11/2014. I do not understand the 02/27/2020 effective date, it seems to be ambiguous and I can't find anything stating why the VBA choose that date... Thanks in advance friends... VA Decision Migraines.pdf
  8. My credit union is amazing, I can see all of my pending deposits about a week prior to deposits. The IRS site stated my payment was supposed to be direct deposited yesterday. I contacted my CU because sometimes they can see farther into the future for pending transactions. The first person told me they could not find ANY information about my pending payment and there has been no EFT hit (a check to see if an account is active). Later yesterday, a supervisor contacted me (why my CU is the best), even though I didn't ask them too. And, she just wanted to let me know they did more research and could not find ANY indication of any pending payment. My point in my last post, is that this whole stimulus payment process should have been a lot smoother. Our current government is so inept that they didn't think about Veteran's, SS recipients, widowers, etc.? I call BS! And, the fact that the acting-president wants his narcissistic signature on mailed checks, what's that about. Thousands of U.S. Citizens have died and more are literally dying daily and the response by our government is what are we supposed to do? I'm SO glad I severed under a much more intelligent and capable government when I served on active duty...
  9. Hello, my name is James Murphy and I am an expert on Murphy's law. Last week I was excited to see that my stimulus check was to be deposited into my CU account yesterday 4/29. It's now 4/30 and of course my check was NOT deposited and all of my information is correct and the CU stated they have nothing on the stimulus deposit list for me, nor do they show any pending deposit and they deposits are ever Wednesday and ALL IRS lines are down. So, now just wait for every Wednesday or the supposed letter the IRS has mailed 15 days from the day the payment was deposited, which includes information on how to report problems. So, maybe by May 13th, I'll know what to do, so that maybe I'll see my payment probably in June. WOW, our government is the most inept, terrible, garbage human beings, fecked up government we've ever had. Which, reminds me of the law I always forget: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong!"
  10. Not knowing how Veterans compensation works for widowers like Berta and others. I bet they have or will receive stimulus payments through some other way? If they pay taxes, collect social security, etc., they’ll get it. Yes, it’s supposed to be for everyone. Although I’ve heard those who earn a million a year or more are supposedly benefiting from 80% of the stimulus $? Wouldn’t surprise me…
  11. Buck52 I’m not sure about widows and widowers. I would think spouses would receive $1,200 too.
  12. FYI: I just checked my Stimulus Check status, and the deposit status now shows up for me! “We scheduled your payment to be deposited on April 29, 2020 to the bank account below. Bank Account Number: ************ If you don't see your payment credited to your account, check with your bank to verify they received it. We will mail you a letter with additional information on this payment.”
  13. Thank broncovet, the VA received my NOD on January 31, 2020. Although IRIS and Peggy are pretty much worthless, maybe, just maybe they can tell me why it's not showing up on va.gov. LOL Yeah right. I'd lay down money that the IRIS/Peggy answer will be "We show we received your NOD on 1/31/2020 and it takes time to show up on va.gov." Anyway, thanks for the reply. Buck52, I'd thought I'd read that all VARO's are closed because of COVID-19.
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