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  1. Well LHI just contacted me and now I'm waiting for my appointment. I guess it'll be awhile lol
  2. Still waiting for a C&P exam to be scheduled. I've heard nothing yet. No changes to the status of my appeal in va.gov, no appointments scheduled in myhealthevet that I wasn't notified about. I'm waiting until end of next month and then I'm going to start inquiring about the status. I know they are behind, but this is quite a wait to be schedule for an exam. UPDATE: Just got contacted by LHI and they are working on scheduling my exam. Now the next wait begins.
  3. Still waiting to hear about mine being scheduled to receive my rating which was granted by BVA in February. I keep seeing people posting about getting their C&P exam done and getting scheduled, but nothing but crickets for me. It'd be comical if I hadn't just spent a full week in bed last month and off work. I guess there's no rush to provide a rating, it's more important to schedule C&P exams for people with P&T status.
  4. Yeah, when I saw the notice that I'll be getting a notice, I just rolled my eyes. But at least I know someone is working on my rating.
  5. Just got notified I'll be getting contacted to setup an appointment for one. Glad to see I can get mine done and get my rating.
  6. I had tried to contact him last year about doing an IMO but got no response, which is not surprising because a lot of the popular ones are busy. I ended up hiring a lawyer in my state because I don't care about the 20% of my back pay and feel it's worth it for someone experienced and knows the law; my local VSO was not all that helpful or great and said I'd need an IMO to help win my case but she couldn't help me with that. My attorney then ended up getting in touch with him and I paid him to do an IMO, and it was spectacular. It pretty much guaranteed a win at the BVA with what was in my s
  7. HLR is mostly only good for disagreeing with a ratings decisions, and not SC. In most cases, the HLR will just agree with the other person who denied your claim. I didn't use HLR in my appeal, because it was just stupid that they were denying service connection, and the SOC had blatant lies as if they didn't even bother to look at my file or even consider my service records, which contained a diagnosis for what I was asking for. I went straight to BVA with a Nexus (because I wanted a doctor to provide them with an opinion and overview of everything for an easy decision) and a complete file
  8. I have been looking at different posts about this, because I had a grant for SC in Feb, and so far they have not implemented it. I was told by my attorney who checked on the status that it's at the Rating Board so it should be any time now. Based on recent posts the implementation can take anywhere from 3 months to a full year, and no one knows why some take longer than others. I have figured out though that it is rarely done before the 120 days are up, because the RO apparently has to allow you the opportunity to file an appeal of a BVA decision before implementing a grant or starting a re
  9. Unfortunately your employer still has you on the books, which means technically they disagree and feel you can still work (the VA is trying to use a legal loophole here). What you should obtain is a competent medical opinion stating that you are unable to work and why and how long you have been unable to work. Then appeal the decision and submit that to BVA along with arguments. Your employers opinion on your ability to work is meaningless, because their opinion does not constitute competent medical advice. Simply because your employer has failed to take action to either remove you or appr
  10. I know this is old, but I keep seeing this misunderstanding, and the definition applied incorrectly to 5002. "Did the doctor order bed rest?" Under 5002, bed rest would be contraindicated for inflammatory arthritis such as PSA and RA, as activity is the usual recommendation to prevent a joint from locking up. Bed rest would only make it worse. For the purposes of 5002, there is no set definition but it usually means that the patient isn't able to do what he/she normally can do as a result of the inflammatory arthritis or required time off work to see doctors. I get to work all the
  11. I'm probably going to end up with 100% because of the problems I'm having, but yes definitely going to go for it asap. With so much happening I never thought was possible with this, I'm going to need to try to get some enjoyment out of my life before it ends (which may be sooner than I thought).
  12. As of 2 days ago, the BVA granted me service connection for Rheumatoid Arthritis! Several other secondaries were remanded for further development with a lot of specific requirements from the BVA as to what the regional office needs to do. My lawyer said I should get 60% but she is planning to argue for 100% and also filing a CUE to get an earlier effective date. I'm so relieved right now it's not even funny. I missed two days of work this week, and laid around my house in agonizing pain Wednesday. I'm about to go on Humira, which is a drug that comes with a lot of risks, but the alt
  13. Ended up hiring a lawyer in my state who was able to contact Dr. Anaise who did a very awesome IMO for me after hearing what was in my service record and my history with the VA. My claim is now sitting at the BVA waiting to be sent to a veterans law judge with a very good chance of getting granted. My lawyer submitted her arguments which were better than I could have ever written for myself. My fingers are crossed.
  14. Since there wasn't a lot of people posting their experiences, I went ahead and just paid the $150 to see what it was like, since I can afford it and a lot of other vets can't. So this just shows anyone on the fence that this place is a complete waste of time and is a rip off. I am working on a couple better ways to get the nexus letter I need. I still have plenty of time to file my NOD yet and I'm in no rush. I just wanted to see how their service worked and give them a chance to see if they really were worth it. They are not worth it at all.
  15. So here is my recent experience: I have an inflammatory arthritis and since the military it was speculated that it was this. In fact, my military records show that they recommended an RA panel, but none was actually given. So my plan was to order a basic record review for $150 and see a rheumatologist and use them as a guide for writing the letter (since, after all, she is just a nurse practitioner, and a va doc could easily discredit her). On January 20th I ordered the record review, and I had already consulted with Dr Bash (who wanted to charge too much for me to afford, but felt it
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