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  1. Freakin ridiculous got to wait until they finish the remands.They can intentionality drag it out!
  2. They haven’t done anything with my other 12 remands.Will the regional office send me something about my partial grant?
  3. It says 5 working days;but someone on phone said around a month.
  4. No got partial tdui and 11 remands
  5. Had a question about a remand status and it’s been over two weeks and no response.
  6. I heard they denie about 90 percent of gulf war claims.I got denied for a few.
  7. How about remanded appeals?
  8. I got partial tdui granted and they remanded earlier effective date for the tdui.Def taking months for them to implement the decision.
  9. Waiting for my regional to implement it.Its almost been two months.Really slow think their doing them together.
  10. And have about dozen remands.Do they have to implement the partial grant first?
  11. I would wait for decision in mail.Should be this week.They granted me partial tdui.Just waiting on RO
  12. RO takes forever to process the decision.You could ask her if any grants were approved over the phone.
  13. Citing VBA Decisions

    What kind of claim is it?Medical evidence from service is prob best route.
  14. It was on top of what I’m getting right now.Their remanding tdiu before feb 2017 and granting tdiu from feb 2017 until now.