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  1. Denied everything with less likely than not for 7 of the Dbq!It was sent back to the board.Has anyone been approved with less likely than not?I knew qtc was shady when they kept on kicking back the paperwork so they couldn’t get an approval!
  2. Took me about 2 months after the advance.30 days for them to decide
  3. It takes about 7 business days.Happened to me once.
  4. Takes about a month.Ive looked over the site and they remand prob 80 percent of appeals and then your claim gets stuck for months or years.Have 11 remands that haven’t been touched for 6 months.
  5. Hopefully not.They told me last month their working on monetary part now.Was granted it beginning 2017.
  6. Mine was BVA approval.Have about 8 more remands.800 number doesn’t help with appeal status.Got very vague answer in March over phone their working on monetary.Did my claim on my own.Do you know how much you get that triggers a dfas audit?
  7. I was granted tdui by the bva.Regional is working on my remands.She said their working on the tdui monetary part now.
  8. Do you have anything on Fort Detrick I was stationed there in 04.
  9. That’s why their remanding it to get a 2014 tdui effective date.Have like 10 remands that are in 2013-14 range.
  10. No of course their prob going to wait till 10 issues are remanded.
  11. I was 60 percent till 2017 and currently 90.They approved my tdui since I became 90.Now I have 10 issues remanded including tdui before I became 90 percent
  12. They remanded for earlier effective date for tdui and gave me partial grant since 2017.Remand of other issues will most likely get me earlier effective date.

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