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  1. Any update on yours? 10/02/2020 was my file date and 02/26/2024 it was finally assigned to a judge so hopefully anytime now.
  2. I filed in 10/2020 and mine was just assigned to a judge last week. My attorney told me that once assigned to a judge it is any day now for results.
  3. Was just notified my attorney that now it looks like the 3 yr mark. It just keeps going up. When I started she sd 6 months max now I think that it might just hit the 4 yrs. Pretty much its just the Legacy just re-named.
  4. Just wanted to follow up. Currently sitting at 2 yrs and 7 months, have you had any movement? Mine is still pending and now they are telling me possibly 3 yrs to 3 1/2 yrs to finalize.
  5. Mine is a simple EED adjustment as well. I appealed correctly for 4 yrs and they made my effective date as the day of my grant not even my last filing date. Total BS So yours is not done yet?
  6. I call the BVA directly every week and they confirm that it correct date and still in que. I have had 2 Congressional inquiries as well and still nothing. They told me a few weeks back that the backlog and with them doing 80/20 % Legacy to AMA claims that it still a while to get done. Total BS. From what I see in the BVA decisions and CAVC docket because the Texas ( where I am at ) Judges are processing super slow.
  7. I am currently at 28 months, 859 days. Waiting to be sent to a judge for review currently.
  8. It seems to be Texas Judges and Regional Office moving slow. I see on the dockets that many other states are moving fast but for some reason Texas is taking the longest.
  9. Wow, did you file many claims? Did they have to remand any of your claim? Mine is just for an effective date issue.
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